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A Message From Science About Coupons

March 04, 2015

eat24 virtual high five

We interrupt this EAT24 weekly coupon email to bring you a very important message from Science:

Recent studies show that people who use EAT24 are 98% more intelligent than everyone else, but nobody notices because they’re too good looking.

This is a very serious issue. Please show the world what a beautiful genius you are by using this coupon* when you order with the EAT24 App this weekend (maybe even more than once, just to really rub it in).

Coupon code:



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You’re the hot to our tamale.




* Speaking of science, did you know buffalo evolved wings so they could spend more time with Blue Cheese dip? That’s why researchers named them last year’s Cutest Food Couple. Another fun fact: Eating Pad Thai on the couch triples your chances of winning the lottery. And also, maybe your teachers never told you this, but pizza is part of a Genus called Cheesyious, which is part of the Omnomnomea family. No need to Google any of this. Just trust us. You also don’t need to Google the Fine Print because it’s right here: This coupon is good for $2 off your order of $10 or more when paying with Credit Card, PayPal, or Google Wallet. You must have an EAT24 account to use this coupon (which is totally free, btw), and the coupon expires Sunday, March 8th 2015 at 11:59 PST. Ok, final fact: EAT24 customers are the best and here’s proof.




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