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Restaurants Online Ordering

August 06, 2009

How can online ordering system boost Restaurant bottom line?

Restaurants Online ordering makes it easy for your customers. Many customers will visit your website for a phone number or to check the menu, but stay to order online.

Once they placed their first online order, you can encourage them to return by offering coupons and discounts. Most customers will bookmark your website and use the easy re-ordering feature we offer.

Save Time and Money

Online orders don’t tie up your phones or your employees time.

“Before the online ordering came into play, we used to get relay calls every single night. When it happened on a Friday night, it had a tremendous negative impact on the restaurant.
We haven’t had a relay call in months and months.
Thanks to our new Ordering System.”

– Mark, Restaurant Owner

Every online order is one less phone call your employees have to handle. Instead of spending their time on the phone they are preparing food or serving live customers.

Larger Tickets

Did you know?! Online orders average more than the typical phoned or walk-in takeout order.

Customers who order online can take their time and are never pressured by a harried employee. The result? Larger tickets.

Today more and more businesses realize that their clients prefer to conduct business online? Statistics show 90% of online users in America will order food online. That’s the main reason The Food Delivery Network was created!!!

This is the Future of food delivery!! Getting online ordering is simple and easy. LEARN MORE

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