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Quick, Name This Baby

November 08, 2017

Babies. They’re coming.

Specifically, the baby of our project manager John. And while John’s great at spreadsheets, bullet points, and whiteboard drawings, we thought he could use some advice in the naming department.

So we asked the experts (our readers) to suggest ideas, and you guys gave us some gems. Almost makes us want to light some candles and make more babies.

Here are some of John’s favorite, which he will consider naming his future son:

John’s got another month to decide, and once he does we’ll be sure to share it. Once again, thank you readers. You’ve saved another baby from being named something boring like Jakobe or Namaste or John (no offense, John).

  • christy45

    Projectile John

  • Geri Edens

    These could be a little cheesy but how about:
    Colby Jack (and future male sibling could be Monterey Jack or Pepper Jack)
    Brie (girl sibling’s name)

  • Harsh V Singh

    Baby McBabyface? Yes, I had to be that guy.

  • Bevolonghorn


  • mmeahan

    We told people we were going to name our first child either Maynard Winthrop or Hortense Elvira just to get them to stop nagging us about baby names, because we weren’t going to leak possible names in advance.

  • Snarf (From the Thundercats)

  • Rick (spelled with a silent P) – The Young Ones joke

  • Lorraine-Lori Wysocki Johns

    Casserole Sam, Mike Melonhead, Snuffybutt,

  • Taylor Polk

    Name him Taylor Polk. No particular reason.

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