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June 24, 2014

You might have heard through the tacovine that we made an appearance at this year’s Google I/O. Since it’s pretty much the biggest, most awesome tech conference in the world, we were pretty stoked that Google not only gave us free tickets (and good thing, cuz we totally spent our last $1,500 on the most amazing quesadilla), but also that they asked us to show off a few of the new technologies we’ve been working on.

No, we didn’t invent a hoverboard. Sorry.

We got really excited about the conference and asked Google for a million tickets (for our closest friends)… and they said No. It’s cool though, because they livestreamed the keynote and you obviously watched the entire thing. If you didn’t, shame on you. You missed this:

TL;DR: The future is here and it involves WEARABLE PIZZA:


Thanks for the pics, Engadget

You too Gigaom

That’s right. Soon you can order from your favorite restaurants with just a few simple voice and finger commands with new smart technology for Android Wear and Android TV. This is awesome for a couple reasons, the main one being YOU CAN ORDER PIZZA FROM A WATCH OR TV.

HD Chow Mein pairs nicely with a Netflix marathon, as you can see.


Gaming and pizza go hand and hand

It’s like a game that you can eat (pic via Yahoo)

After the keynote was over, everyone got sad and went home. JUST KIDDING. We had fun playing around all day in the Developer Sandbox with the lovely iJustine and Bar Refaeli. You see, these are two very special ladies in our lives, and we invited them to I/O with us because it’s about time Google met the family. Things are getting pretty serious between us after all.


After all the juggling and selfies, our new watches told us it was officially ham and pineapple o’clock, and the conference was over. It was time to see what the world (Twitter) thought of our new TV and watch technology. SPOILER ALERT: They loved it.

The best world.


Booya. Food via fashion.


But what about Eat24-powered fuzzy slippers?


So, the results are in. Whether they actually plan on leaving the house, or staying in to perfect that butt-grove on the couch, people love the idea of an even easier way to get chicken chow fun to their mouths.

And even though Google I/O didn’t give us this:

Friendship is magic

The only thing missing is bacon wings.

It DID give us this:




PIZZA WATCH. Coming to a wrist near you. SOON.



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  • Emmanuel Goldstein

    Kinda late to the party, Sony added /pizza to order pizza in-game in Everquest back in 2005.

  • eat24

    Oh man, you’re right! We’ll just show ourselves out. Bye….

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    But wait…. What about my pizza watch.. D^ :

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