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Pizza Slang

June 11, 2013

Pizza is one of the all-time best foods. Especially when you get it delivered right to your door when you order online. You may know pizza by slang terms like “Pie”, “Za”, or even “Da Wheel”, but do you know what “Bondage Pie” is? Through extensive research conducted in Eat24 labs across the world (or more accurately our friend Ray-Ray who works at a pizza joint downtown) we stumbled across slang terms for your favorite pizza toppings and combinations. You might hear a few of these terms yelled across a busy pizza kitchen, which luckily you’ll never have to hear because you order all your pizza with the Eat24 app. Because you’re smart, sexy and resourceful like that.


Nickname: “Flyer”


Called a flyer for their resemblance to UFOs and the way they’re

flung around pizza kitchens like Frisbees.


Nickname: “Alpo”, “Kibbles N’ Bits”, “Puppy Chow”


Nicknamed after dog food because, well, sausage while delicious

does kinda look like Puppy Chow.


Nickname: “Screamers”


Named after the high-pitched sound made when a large, juicy

mushroom is rubbed on a hot surface.

Green Peppers:

Nickname: “Green Slime” “Mangoes” Seaweed”

Green pepper

We’re not sure where the Mango comes from, but the other nicknames

come from the slimy feel of peppers.


Nickname: “Hammer” “Pig Slices” “Squealers” “Piggy Parts” “Sliders”


Cause it’s delicious pig! Duh.


Nickname: “Carp”, “guppies”, “chovies”, “flippers”, “penguin food”, ”smellies”


Like a delicious salty mustache on your pizza, anchovies are here to party.

Pepperoni, Mushrooms and Sausage:

Nickname: “PMS”


This pizza is actually pretty welcome once a month.

Pizza: Extra Sauce

Nickname: “Blood Pie”


Also called a Hemorrhage, a bloody pie is simply pizza with lots o’ sauce.

Pizza with Everything

Nickname: “Destroy It”


Whenever someone asks for every topping on the menu,

the cooks call out to ruin it with toppings.

Pizza with Pepperoni and Onions:

Nickname: “Edgar Allen Poe”


Named after the author of “The Raven” and “Pit and the Pendulum” not for it’s dark and macabre tone, but simply because Pepperoni and Onion’s initials are “PO”.

Pizza with Green Peppers, Onions, and Pepperoni:

Nickname: “Republican”


No, this pizza doesn’t lean to the right; It simply stands for “GOP”

or green peppers, onions and pepperoni.

Sausage and Mushroom Pizza:

Nickname: “Bondage Pie”


Is Sausage and Mushroom kinkier than most pizzas? Not really, but it’s initials are “S&M”.


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