Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries

Who Wants to Marry Eat24: Office Lunch Rebound Edition

October 28, 2013

While you might think of Eat24 as an online food ordering service, we also like to think of ourselves as Food Therapists. We have so much experience with the healing properties of burritos, double cheeseburgers, and chicken fried steak (organic, of course), we’ve petitioned our alma mater to change our […]


Weekend Coupon: Who Wants to Party?

October 25, 2013

Who wants to party? Eat24 needs YOU. We want your feedback and we’re willing to feed… back (Get it?). Eat24 wants to buy lunch for your whole office so you can test out our shiny new Shared Cart feature. Now friends (coworkers, pen pals, lovers) can order simultaneously from the […]

tacos equal success

How to Get a Raise. Spoiler Alert: Tacos

October 24, 2013

Eat24 wants to buy lunch for your whole office. Why? Because we like to party. Also because we want your feedback on our new Shared Cart feature. So if you think you and your co-workers deserve a raise (in the form of 10,000 Deep Fried Wontons (Actual wonton amount may […]


Weekend Coupon: All Expenses Paid, Baby

October 18, 2013

No wallet, no pants, no problem. So Google got a little jealous of our PayPal payment option and asked us to include Google Wallet support in the Eat24 Android app. We were on the fence about it, but then they offered us a trip to Cancun. Aaaaaaand… now our app […]


Weekend Coupon: Email Shenanigans

October 11, 2013

Did you miss us? Hi, it’s Eat24. If you’re reading this email, you should probably run out and buy a lottery ticket because you’re one lucky taco lover! For the last two weeks, our email provider decided to send our VIP Email to just ten percent of you (you’d think […]


Eat24 Shutdown Prank: We’re SorryNotSorry

October 07, 2013

So… guess the Internet can’t take a joke. Here’s what happened. We sent this amazing little email poking fun at the Government shutdown with a coupon to order delivery for the weekend.   HA! Isn’t it funny, we all said. Aren’t we so clever and topical, we all said (while laughing […]

Eat24 Andy Milonakis Twitter Rap Battle

Eat24 and Andy Milonakis Twitter Rap Battle

October 04, 2013

We spend most of our time slaying hunger, but every now and then we like to take a moment to drop some dope rhymes. Because sometimes the Internet just calls out for a slaw of lyrical justice. So when Andy Milonakis hit us with a few lines on Twitter, the […]


Weekend Coupon: Emmy Hotness

September 20, 2013

Good News: You’re Hot. Our database has detected that you’re pretty much a badass. Your hair is always perfect, you’re really good at Candy Crush, and you have an app that brings Broccoli Beef straight to your mouth (Hint: if you don’t have that app you should get it). Good […]


Weekend Coupon: Fantasy FoodBall

September 13, 2013

Your wildest fantasy. The days of sacrificing your Sunday to Farmers’ Markets, fabric shopping, and themed potluck brunches are over. It’s football season – your annual 21-week free pass to living life like a beer commercial; eating deep-fried snacks while surrounded by beautiful people and talking dogs who’ve been trained to fetch […]

Eat24 porn banner ad sushi

How to Advertise on a Porn Website

Driving Conversions on a Budget: Eat24’s All Natural Ad Enhancement Hi, we’re Eat24. If you already know us – hey sexy, welcome back, looking good. If you’re new, let’s catch you up: Eat24 is the Internet’s favorite food delivery app and website. The first rule of Eat24 Club used to […]


Top 10 Game Day Foods

September 03, 2013

Get excited. Football is here. And there’s no better way to enjoy the hot gridiron action than taking off your pants, plopping on your favorite couch and ordering food delivery straight to your face. We’ve conducted hours and hours of research (involving a lot of excessive eating and drinking) to see […]


Weekend Coupon: Feel the Burn, Man

August 30, 2013

No dust wedgies. No sunburns. Still no pants. f you’re reading this, we’re already at Burning Man for the annual gathering of #NoPantsNation on the playa. Will we see you there? No? That’s OK, we get it. It’s soooo far away, and a 16-person tent with a built-in hot tub […]


Eat24’s 2nd Annual Delivery Driver Appreciation Weekend

August 22, 2013

Guess what!? It’s that time of year where we salute the hardest working person in the business. No, not porn stars. We’re talking about the men and women who bring you tacos, burgers, and chow mein, no matter if it’s raining, snowing, or the apocalypse outside; the delivery driver. Last […]


Weekend Coupon: That Fry Life

August 16, 2013

You have a secret admirer Hi, it’s Eat24 again. No, we’re not creepily stalking your inbox (but while we’re here, don’t forget to use that Groupon you bought for half-priced pole dancing classes for cats). We were just thinking about you and the last time you ordered. Did you enjoy […]


Weekend Coupon: Robo Burgers

August 09, 2013

Real beef This week, Science created a fake beef patty so now we can all have burger clones made from cow cells and test tubes all for the low low price of $330,000. Thanks, Science! Don’t get us wrong, you’re cool and all (thank you for The Clapper, motorized self-twirling […]


Weekend Coupon: This is A Coupon

August 02, 2013

This is a blog post Hi, it’s Eat24. This is our blog post reminding you that the week is over, boiling water is hard, and online food ordering exists. Put down that bowl of ketchup soup and tell the Internet to make you a sandwich. Not easy enough? OK, how […]

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