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Eat24 Angers The Mailer Daemon

June 08, 2016

A few weeks ago we asked around for some help writing an email. Dave from Accounting was busy working on his next project (An “epic” prog-rock album about The Milky Way told in calculator solos), the cat who sometimes writes our blog postswas 6 hours into a pretty great nap, […]


8 Tips for Totally Nailing Your Yelp Eat24 Interview

May 09, 2016

  Here at Yelp Eat24, we get tons of questions from our users every day, like “What’s your spirit animal?” and “How many different types of meat do you usually get in your burrito?” and of course “Are you an app or are you actually a highly intelligent calzone?” But the question […]


10 Food Photography Fails From Yelp Eat24

April 26, 2016

Everyone knows Yelp Eat24 has tons of drool-worthy food pics on our app and website. That’s because our amazing customers and restaurant owners are always sending us sexy photos. You know, like these gorgeous wings: But the truth is, not all the photos people send us are good. In fact, […]


Is This SHOCKING Blog Post Clickbait? Find Out (NSFW)

April 11, 2016

Confession: We love clickbait. You too? We could tell by the way you clicked. Anyway, thanks for giving our clickbait a chance. Competition is pretty fierce out there, and we’ve been noticing these clickbait articles are getting more insane every day. For instance: It makes sense though. All the grocery […]


Eat24 April Fools’ Joke Backfires

April 07, 2016

So… we had an idea for an April Fools’ joke: Send all our customers a receipt for an order of 24,000 egg rolls and tell them the food would arrive in 5 minutes. They’re gonna freak out, we thought. As we were high-fiving ourselves for being so clever, we decided it […]

meow cat gif eat24

An Excuse To Use Cat .Gifs On The Yelp Eat24 Blog

March 10, 2016

Lately we’ve been having trouble thinking of blogs to write. Creating really compelling and worthwhile content every week is hard, and we could definitely use a break to clean up the Dorito crumbs and old burrito foil from our desk, so this week we decided to let a cat take […]

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