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Ordering Food Online for Delivery

October 25, 2010

When was the last time you ordered some restaurant food for delivery? How was that experience? How did you do it? Did you do it by phone or did you order your restaurant food for delivery online?

What were your frustrations if any with using either type of ordering style? For most, the response I hear is that when ordering restaurant food for delivery via the phone, many experience communication barriers, and another huge per peeve was being put on hold repetitively as well as their orders being messed up.

As far as ordering your restaurant food online for delivery through the Eat24Hours website, the only negative response I have heard was that their was no restaurants in a particular delivery area. For those areas that are in the Eat24Hours network, I have only heard positive responses.

For those of you that the Eat24Hours network does not have covered yet, have no fear – Eat24Hours is working day and night to cover all of the greater USA. It is only a matter of time.

What is the great thing about ordering your food online for delivery via Eat24Hours? You don’t have communication issues, the order gets taken right the first time, and you don’t get put on hold while the employee sits and chit chats with their buddies. From every type of cuisine you can imagine, the easy to use website has made it faster, easier, and far more efficient than any other method of ordering delivery. is continuously adding new restaurants to the network as well as special discount coupons exclusive to Eat24Hours users. And by far the best, Eat24Hours is always free to users to order their food for delivery online. There is NO EXTRA or HIDDEN CHARGE!

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