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Why Now24 is the best “Now That’s What I Call Music!”

April 24, 2018

You may remember this post from last winter, where we hinted at some holiday gifts we had our eye on. That was about five months ago, but we believe it’s never too late for presents. For example, is it ever too late for Now24 (Then24)?

No. Now24 is indisputably the best compilation in the Now That’s What I Call Music! series. A whopping 65 of these bad boys have been released in the U.S. alone, but in our opinion, 24 is where it jumped the shark.

Even if you include the hundreds of special editions (Now That’s What I Call Halloween, Now That’s What I Call Tailgate Anthems, Now That’s What I Call Shucking Corn On A Hot Day) Now24 still smokes the competition. Here’s why:

Reason 1: #24

Call us biased, but 24 is the best number. Period.

Reason 2: The color palette

Blue and orange are on opposite ends of the color spectrum, and also a match made in heaven. Together, the pair have found success in everything from blockbuster movie posters to pro sports league jerseys. Now24, being a cultural soothsayer, predicted that these colors would be a hit.

Reason 3: The emotional progression

Long story short, this album goes through more emotions than a teen during prom season. Let’s walk through it:

We start at a party, of course

1. Fergie- Fergalicious: Kickin’ it off straight from the dancefloor.

2. Rihanna w/Sean Paul- Break It Off: Enter Rihanna, mentor to all bad girls in training.

3. Nelly Furtado- Say It Right: Remember, this was in 2006 aka the year of heavy bass drums.

There’s the ups and downs of dating

4. Beyonce- Irreplaceable: At some point, you gotta hang up the heels and tell your boo to step.

5. Justin Timberlake- My Love: …But then sometimes love can bring you back together.

6. Akon w/Snoop Dogg- I Wanna Love You: And making up can be pretty fun.

7. Bow Wow- Shortie Like Mine: Do you think he goes by Big Bow Wow at this point?

Things get hot and heavy

8. Lloyd- Feelin You: This song holds up Whenever24. But we’re only halfway through the CD.

9. Ciara- Promise: Is it love or lust? The only thing we know is it won’t last.

The breakup for all of Myspace to see

10. Omarion- Ice Box: People change. Hearts turn to ice.

11. Chris Brown- Say Goodbye: We’re a sucker for piano solos. Grab your tissues.

But they get their groove back

12. Corinne Bailey Rae- Put Your Records On: A new day dawns when this song comes on.

13. Lily Allen- Smile: Good advice from English Rose and (fun fact) goddaughter of Joe Strummer.

14. KT Tunstall- Suddenly I See: People make mistakes but it’s cool keep trying.

Oh wait emo is popular now let’s dye our hair together

15. Hellogoodbye- Here (In Your Arms): Love makes people do crazy things, like use autotune.

16. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- Face Down: Whoa, who is this edgy new person?

17. The Fray- How To Save A Life: Admit it, you had an emo phase too.

“I went to prom and oops I’m a dad now”

18. Nickelback- If Everyone Cared: Gotta squeeze in something for the older listeners. But in the case of Nickelback, it’s worth asking if ANYONE cared.

19. Daughtry- It’s Not Over: All growed up and a little dented, but still fighting.

Like all good things, it has to end somewhere

20. All-American Rejects- It Ends Tonight: It’s so cool and edgy to end the record with a song that says It ends. Isn’t that COOOOOOOOL!!!???

Reason 4: The reviews

If you’re too skeptical to trust the (true) opinions of a food delivery service, what about those of other strangers on the internet? Check out these glowing reviews:

We swear we didn’t write this review.

This person loved or hated every track. Which is what a good album achieves?

So basically every song is a highlight…

Reason 5: This review specifically

If the first 644 words of this post didn’t convince you, here’s three more that will:

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