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Ain’t No Party Like A Monday Gif Party

October 10, 2016

What do we want? GIFs! When do we want them?! Every day, but we’ll settle for Mondays! Today’s party is an accurate cross-section of our brains this Monday morning, which is to say, mostly things with four legs, tails, or marinara sauce. With that said, let’s grab some coffee, change our status to “busy”, press play, and start the show.

No Touchy Kitty Resized

Please hooman, no!

When you know how to party.

Brain Freze Cat Resized

Brain freeze knows no boundaries.

Real Life Disappointment

Don’t worry little guy, you’ll find your purpose one day.

1 - nWSyiED

Dogs vs. Cats

Soft landing. - Imgur

Cat vs. Snow

It’s that time of year again. Pizza angel season!

Squad Resized

We’ve never wanted to be part of a squad so bad in our lives.

Real Life Mlemming

Mlem mlem mlem mlem

Cheers to you! You survived several more minutes of Monday, treat yourself to something nice.

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