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Monday, Oh Monday: An Eat24 Gif Party

June 12, 2017

Oh Monday where art thou? Oh, right here! Sneaky ol’ Monday almost caught us off our guard. In honor of having good reflexes, here are some gifs of the quickest reactions around. Enjoy the gif party. 

So sit back, press play, and enjoy.


What are those?

Nice catch!

Not today.

Woah there little guy.

Get back in the canoe!

That could have gone much worse.

Dodge ball skill level: Ninja

“Not today. Not today stray brick.”

Is the bike ok?

Always look both ways!

Dad reflexes are the fastest kind.

That’s one way to go down stairs.

Dad saves are the best saves.

And that child grew up knowing that pressing back and up blocked every Hodoken.

Not bad.

Looks like Monday is creeping back up on us again! See you again on the next gif party. 


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