Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries

Monday Gif Party & Naptime

August 28, 2017

Like Bigfoot, Roswell, and the case of the smelly office fridge, Mondays are an unsolved mystery. For example, how are we still so tired after a weekend of sleeping in? Everything was going so well (we even almost went on a run) until we realized it was Monday.

So let’s all press play on this song and enjoy this Monday gif party to get our blood pumping.

Diving right into the week.

Makin’ our way downtown…

Ultimate solo frisbee.


Back it up.

Downward dog.




Efficiency at its finest.


Instant karma: just add water.

You spin me right round, baby.


Over and out.

A brisk wake-up call.


That’s one way to do it.

And one way to fail it.

Take it easy this week!

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