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Monday (Gif Party) Again?

March 06, 2017

Picture it: you’re sitting at home, wrapped in a blanket watching your favorite Eddie Murphy movie on a well-deserved Friday night. Suddenly, BAM!

What happened? Monday morning, that’s what. Cold, dreary, smelling mildly of mud. Well, here’s something to take your mind off reality. Let’s press play, put our head down, and wind it back to Friday for the next five minutes.

1 - twHmk03Let’s get started!

1 - qwd4zgEGet it!

58bdb5830badf248316469Amazing sugar rush.

1 - hgvlPKw

An unlikely battle royale!


What kind of pie is this?

When you look around to see if anyone saw you being dumb - ImgurCats will be cats.

1 - re8mQHVBoioioioioinggg…

happy owlMmmmmm.

58bdb5c403716992896633Nothing to see here, just an owl riding a pen.

push parkourParkour!

1 - 1D5BYYd


58bdb451465bb457274909The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.


Ready for this jelly.

dumpling real life doodleOh…oh…yeaaaaahhhh.

58bdb5fdae9f6769530906You may not believe it but this little guy actually survived.

Now it’s time to get back to Mondaying the heck out of this day!

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