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A Man, A Plan, A Coupan (Coupon)

June 22, 2017


Looking for a coupon? We’ll get to it in a second. First, a love story. A few weeks ago, our designer fell for the man pictured above. They both enjoy minimalist decor, warm drinks, and getting lost in each others’ eyes. It just works. The only problem is, he’s in a stock photo, and she’s here in the office.

We need your help. If you’ve seen Stock Photo Man or have tips on how to track down a soulmate, please tell us on Facebook or Twitter. Our designer thanks you in advance.

Now use this coupon to save $2 on the don’t go breakin’ my heart app.*

Coupon code: dreamy24





You’re the coffee to our cake.


*True love is hard to find, which is why it may be easier to find tacos. They will always be there for you, day or night (assuming you find a 24-hour taqueria). Tacos can satisfy all your fantasies (carnitas, asada, pollo). They can dress up as burritos or get frisky and call themselves chalupas. Tacos know when to be hard and crunchy on you and when to soften up. Tacos know that the best way to spice up a relationship is with habañeros. Tacos know if you desire the finer things in life (guacamole) it’s worth paying for it. Tacos know it’s important to read the fine print: This $2 coupon expires on Sunday, June 25th 2017 at 11:59PM Pacific Time. You must have a Yelp Eat24 account to use our code, which can only be used once on an order with a total over $15 before tax and tip when paying with Credit Card, Apple Pay, Android Pay, or PayPal. The coupon is valid only on or the Yelp Eat24 app. If tacos aren’t your thing, may we suggest a steamy fling with dumplings?

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