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Lunch Will Never Be The Same Again

February 17, 2011

You’re hungry.  You’re at work.  What do you do?
You think about what you want for lunch.

people working at their office

Photo by Phillie Casablanca

  1. You decide:
    1. Do I get someone to grab some food with me?
    2. Where am I going? Is it near or far?
    3. Pick up or dine in?

pedestrian crossing light

Photo by Celestah

You end up dragging yourself out of the chair and either having lunch or picking one up to eat at the desk.  Your options are slim.  It’s always the same rolodex you go run through 5 days a week.

  • Chinese, Mexican, Italian, American, the deli counter…
  • Is it near or far?
  • Are they fast or slow?

Admit it, you’re bored with the same old.

Time and energy are wasted.  Break the habit.  Make lunch come to you. Get even bolder, pre-order it so you won’t forget to eat until 2pm.  More options, less hassle and super easy.  We dare you to break the routine and give it a try.  Tell us how it went.

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