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Last Minute Dinner Guest

March 03, 2010


Have you ever had the occasion when your spouse comes home from work just to inform you that he or she has invite the boss and their significant other over for dinner? You have less than a couple of hours to not only get the house in order but also prepare a meal fit for a boss. You are stress beyond belief. What do you do? I will tell you what you do. You get online and click on over to Eat24Hours and quickly order dinner for four from one of your favorite restaurants that deliver in your area, jump in the shower and make your mate pick up the house. By the time you are ready the food will be delivered and you can relax while still making a great impression on your spouse’s boss!

  • June

    The first thing I would do is smack the crud out of my husband for putting me in this predicament. Then I would promise him more for later. Then I would get online Eat24Hours and order that meal fit for the boss and his wife, including a great dessert. Then I would get that husband of mine and make him help straighten up the house and set the table for our guests. He can finish up while I get a shower and get dressed so that everything is all set for the boss. By this time all of my frustration is gone and I can enjoy the evening. Guess who will be cleaning up?

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