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India Tandoor – Baltimore

August 02, 2010

India Tandoor – Baltimore
Baltimore 21218 MD
Delivery Hours: Monday thru Sunday 11:30 AM to 10:15 PM

Patrons of this cozy restaurant dine at glass-topped tables, charmed by the vibrant Indian prints that adorn the walls. Though the atmosphere is pleasing, it’s the smooth sauces that have locals raving. From a creamy spinach sauce to a tomato-based masala, you’ll find a variety of seductive spices. Of course, the specialty at India Tandoor is tandoor-oven-cooked meats there is much more you can choose from and you don’t even need to dine there. You can choose to have those same terrific dishes delivered to your door through the ease of online ordering for delivery. Through the Eat24Hours network, you can easily access India Tandoor online menu for delivery and order all your favorite Indian cuisine dishes to have brought to your door.

India Tandoor online menu for delivery offers Appetizers; Vegetarian Appetizers; Chef’s Recommendations; Meat Delicacies; Poultry Specials; Rice Specialties; Seafood Specialties; Sizzling Delights; Zamin Ke Moti; Pita Wraps; Hot Subs; Cold Subs; Platters; Breads; Condiments; Side Orders; Desserts; and Beverages. To view India Tandoor’s full online menu for delivery just click on over to India Tandoor.

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