Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries

Impressing the Love of your Life’s Parents

March 05, 2010


You are having your new loves parents over for dinner but you can’t cook a lick. You burn water and have yet to even master instant Jell-O pudding. You really love your new partner and want to make a great impression on the parents but you know better than to risk cooking a meal yourself. You have been dodging this meeting forever because of your inability to cook. You have made all the phone calls you could possibly think to make to get friends and family members to do the cooking for you. You even suggested you all go out to eat. All you attempts to keep the parents at bay until you can enroll and complete a cooking class have failed. They are looking for a sit down meal, the one on one, in your home, to see what you are really about.

So what do you do? Dump your new love? Heck no! You simply plan ahead. Schedule that dinner date with confidence. You can order a great meal for everyone easily online from one of the many restaurants that deliver in your area with Eat24Hours. Ask your mate what cuisine they think their parents would like the most. It will help you in the many choices you have with Eat24Hours extensive restaurants in their network. You will have the food you need for the dinner delivered giving you time to set it up in your own dishes. This will give you ample time to learn to cook later, after the dinner date is under the belt. Now for the rest of the impression you make; well you are on your own there!

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