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Ideal Mini Mart ~ NYC

September 15, 2010

Ideal Mini Mart ~ NYC
New York 10033 NY
Delivery Hours: Monday thru Sunday 8:00 AM to 10:15PM

From Breakfast to late night snack, the Ideal Mini Mart is open for you! Who would think to name a restaurant Ideal Mini Mart? Most would think with a name like that it would be more like a small grocery store rather than a restaurant. Well in some aspects, it is with being able to purchase Ideal Mini Mart’s coffee and cookies by the pound and various condiments, sauces, and other conveniences you would find in a typical mini mart. The only exception is that this mini mart takes the mini mart name to a whole new level offering freshly prepared restaurant food.

Ideal Mini Mart’s online menu is quite extensive. The breakfast menu online for delivery hosted by the Eat24Hours website offers Traditional Breakfast platters; Breakfast Combos; Muffins and Pastries; and a Catering Breakfast Platters that are perfect for those early morning office meetings. The rest of Ideal Mini Mart’s online menu for delivery offers Fresh Salads Ready To Go; Salad Spreads; Cream Cheese Spreads; Special Combination Sandwiches; Sandwich Selections; Custom Wraps; Panini; Lunch Combos; Lunch Special Platters; Desserts; Fresh Fruit Smoothies; Chilled Beverages; and Hot Beverages. Don’t let the name scare you away. Visit Ideal Mini Mart’s online menu and see for yourself what they have to offer you today.

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