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Hungry? Here’s 10 Ways to Make the Olympic Games Tastier

August 07, 2012

Maybe it’s because the Olympic torch makes us hungry for BBQ. Maybe watching swimming gives us sushi cravings. And maybe after we watch Kenyans run mile after mile, all we can think about is the giant smorgasbord of food they get to eat to replenish all those burnt calories. Whatever the reason, we believe food and the Olympics go hand in hand. So we reached out to our friends over at Reddit and asked what Olympic food events they’d like to see.

Here are the top ten:

10. Meatball

Creative genius: Fuzzy_Pickles

9. Hot Dog Pommel Horse

Creative genius: moyerr

8. Meatball shot put

Creative genius: haleymcpunchy

7. Pizza discus

Creative genius: bresslol

6. Hot Potato Relay

Creative genius: kristekitty

Baguette Javelin

Creative genius: downandout123

4. Ice Cream Torch

Creative genius: Mandalorian_Warrior

3. Spaghetti Rhythmic Gymnastics

Creative genius: rectangularme

2. Beach Volley(meat)ball

Creative genius: Drinkmasta

1. Shish Kebab Archery

Creative genius: Damascius

Congrats to Damascius who won some free dinner for his efforts. If you want to show off your creative juices and win some free pizza, check out our Random Acts of Pizza reddit contest every Tuesday.

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