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How To Eat A Cupcake

February 27, 2011

Seriously now.  Cupcakes are getting serious.

Photo by lamantin

Beyond the box made or grocery store bought cupcakes of yesteryear, we’re getting passion fruit filled cupcakes and carrot cake with cream cheese icing and more.  They’re adorable, they’re gorgeous and they’re delicious.

We all love cupcakes and muffins.  If you lack a sweet tooth, you’ll like the latter more and maybe this is not true.   Irregardless, for most of us, the question of how to approach the eating of a cupcake is sometimes mystifying.

Most likely because the icing gets messy and the options plentiful.

Photo by dv_flick

A fork and knife seems to be the best weapons of choice here but it seems silly to get out a fork and knife to eat something as seemingly simple as a cupcake.  Perhaps a bit too highbrow, but quite effective.

The possibilities are endless, much like the approach to an Oreo cookie.  Maybe you eat the icing and then the cake.  Or the cake and then the icing?  Perhaps there’s a special way to enjoy both together without making a mess.  Still others scrape the icing off since it’s just too sweet…

Photo by mihoda


Do you devour a cupcake whole or do you like taking smaller bites and savor each morsel until it’s all gone?
The question stands…how do you eat a cupcake and even better, what is the best way to approach this problem?

The only thing for certain, napkins are extremely necessary.

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