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How to Choose the Best Mascot for Your Campaign

August 11, 2017

Why hello, you look like someone who’s considering a mascot for your next marketing campaign, sporting event, or quinceañera. You came to the right place. At Eat24, we don’t just deliver food–we are also an unofficial mascot-testing consultancy. That means we do the dirty work for you to find the best representative that will increase social high-fives, drive cuteness ROI, and still fit your budget.

If you’re a busy busy busy marketer and have no time to read this whole analysis, here’s the key takeaway:

The long story is, we recently let yaks take over our our marketing channels.

Our stampede of events included yak biopics, haikus, cooking shows, and news exposés.

Sounds failproof, right? Who doesn’t love fields, mud pies, and handwoven saddles? But sadly, in the end, this week-long, multi-dollar campaign was one of our least successful ones.

One of the more positive reader responses.


We had the same problem and it really cut down productivity in the office.


If nothing else, Yak Week helped this guy realize Eat24 is back on Facebook.


This person’s five cents hit us where it hurts. No mascot could top Potato Sam.

Based on our data below, it’s clear that potatoes are the highest performing mascots to date. But the challenge with spuds is that they can be fickle. Not all are as charismatic and engaging as our Sam, and many don’t even talk.

Keep turkeys away from your social media.

So the next best option we recommend is cats. People go crazy for cats. Case in point: Right after Yak Week ended, we mentioned the word “cat” in an email and our page flooded with comments begging us to judge photos of cats.

The cats kept rolling in.


We received all types of “cats.” 

Lesson learned: people are overflowing with love for cats and are willing to share it at the drop of a hat. They’re not just a trend from the Early Internet Ages–cats are a timeless mascot fit for every occasion.

Cats sell 3x more oranges than orangutans.

They pair perfectly with bottle service. 

So what makes cats better than yaks? It could be that they exist in countries outside of Tibet. Or that they’re small enough to pick up. Or maybe it’s just because they are much fluffier.

To sum up, marketing is changing rapidly and to remain competitive in this cat-eat-cat industry, you need to stay up to date with the animals people want to see. Focus on the three Fs: Friendly, Furry, and Fabulous. This means yes on cats, chill on yaks.

Want to suggest another animal for us to test, or just send us a photo of your cat? We’re always listening on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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    Check out the kitty from the cover photo!

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    Willoughby is very proud to be part of your blog – but don’t be tempted to touch that extra fluffy furry belly, or prepare to face the deadly consequences!

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