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House Of Ribs Restaurant – Chicago Illinois

August 18, 2009

House Of Ribs Restaurant
1265 W. Wilson Ave.
Chicago IL 60640

So your family and you are treating yourselves to restraint delivery and live in Chicago but you are not quite sure what exactly you want to eat. With the diverse taste and hungers rising from your children and spouse, you know you best pick a spot that delivers the same diversity.

Well if you are in Chicago you are lucky as there you can order delivery from the House of Ribs and get anything from ribs, to sandwiches, desserts to pizza, and salads and pasta. But that is not all! You can get broasted chicken, steaks, pork chops, and even seafood. It is like having a slew of restaurants all melted into one, and the best part is it delivers all this to your door.

Let’s look at just a few of the foods offered in each of the House of Ribs selections. In salads you can sink your taste buds into a Antipasto Salad or even some macaroni or potato salad. That is just a few of the salad choices. Sandwiches range from plain hotdog to burgers, rib sandwiches, beef bbq’s, Italian Beefs, meatball sandwiches and so many, many more.

The House of Ribs did not get its name by not offering a wide variety of ribs of course. From rib slab dinners to rib combinations with shrimp, chicken, and beef plus more will make a selection for restraint food delivery hard pressed. Have a hankering for chicken? House of Ribs offers family dinner chicken boxes up to 24-piece count to chicken snack meals, plus wings. Pasta for a side or a complete meal anyone? You have your choices of spaghetti, Mostaccioli, lasagna and many more at the House of Ribs in Chicago. Lets not forget about just about every type of appetizer you can think of. For the steak lovers one can sink their teeth into a 12-ounce New York Strip or gobble up a dinner platter of pork chops. The seafood selection is plentiful from shrimp, catfish, scallops, Ocean Perch and more.

Then you have the pizza and more pizza. From specialty, to thin crust and deep pan too, there is about every pizza combination a pizza lover can conquer up at House of Ribs. And what is a meal without finishing it off with a dessert, especially when it is delivered right to your door? The House of Ribs has Spumoni, Italian Ice, Tiramisu and more. So if you live in Chicago and are struggling to narrow down your family’s request for restraint delivery without having to order from several different restaurants, Eat24Hours has made it easy to have the entire family’s wants taken care of and delivered to your door from Chicago’s House of Ribs.

  • Yummy!

    This place rocks! We order from House of Ribs atleast once every two weeks. Delivery is pretty fast considering the area. Love the blog btw. Oh yeah, Eat24Hours ROCKS!

  • Jean

    Didn’t House of Ribs used to be God father’s Pizza? No matter, it rocks for delievery. Keeps my whole family happy, me included since I don’t have to drive around to 10 different places for what they thgink they need to have! Thanks Eat24Hours.

  • Precious

    My mouth is watering again just thinking about the ribs I ate last night. I don’t know how you do it but they seemed to melt in my mouth. You guys rock!

  • Mike & Marcia

    We visit my brother in Darien several times a year and food from your place is a must, at least once. I think your food may be the reason for some of the visits. Of course, we love him to, but your food keeps calling our names.

  • Babs

    Ribs are one of my favorite meals but I don’t like to fix them myself. Too much time, too much mess, too long to wait. Thank god For the House of Ribs.

  • Anthony

    Ribs are the food of the gods and yours are unbeatable. I swear, the meat fell right off the bones. DELICIOUS…..

  • DJ

    The pulled pork bar b que sandwich is without a doubt the best I’ve ever had. I’ve eaten several of the dishes but it is my favorite. Great job guys!

  • Gladys

    Every time I call the House of Ribs, I think I’m going to order something different but as soon as the phone is answered, I order the ribs again. They are so tender and so good I just can’t get enough of them. I’ve thought about calling 2 days in a row to see what I would order. Something to think about!

  • Charlie

    Chicago is know for the blues and blues food, barbecued ribs. I’ve got my blue’s CD’s cranked up and I’m waiting for the House of Ribs to deliver my dinner. My mouth is so ready for those tender ribs. I know they will be cooked to perfection.

  • Caroline

    I swear I can smell the ribs as soon as the delivery guy enters my building. Ribs from Chicago’s House of Ribs have to be the best in the country. I could eat from there several times a month and still want more. IT IS THAT GOOD!!

  • Ibaen

    I bookmarked this link. Thank you for good job!

  • Jeraemma

    I want to say – thank you for this!

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