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Hello Monday (GIF Party) My Old Friend

August 07, 2017

Hello Monday my old friend, the weekend’s come and gone again. Because I know that I was sleeping, watching tv or eating. And the dumplings that was planted on my plate, don’t remain.

This is the sound…of Monday.

Just press play, sing along to the boys, and enjoy this gif party.

Trying to hold on to the weekend.

That’s gonna ruin his day.

Let me show you the dance of my people.

Perfect shot!


We’re dizzy just from watching this.

We genuinely thought this was headed in a different direction.

A peaceful island intermission.

Oh hello.

Actual insurance fraud, caught on camera!

You’ll get up there one day, little guy.


Sign: 1 Man: 0

Galactic intermission.

Let’s slide back into it!

And up, and down, and up, and down…

Trampoline out!

Bird bird bird bird bird bird bird

F*** this one car in particular.


Musical chairs is no joke.

Skyline break!

Mmmmm, right there.

Happy Monday!

  • lvnthedream

    Thanks for the help. Amy stepped in to save me from starving. Thanks Amy S. for stepping in.

  • SiriJ

    so I was hungry … so the restaurant was lacking…( translation, I could not eat the food ) so they cheated me out of a diet coke …. and so YES I was cranky and I sent a note to EAT 24 ” crying foul ” and then I waited… and then I called the restaurant and let them know that if a customer orders something baked, like fish, they certainly don’t expect it raw and picking fish scales off of their tongue. The lady on the phone agreed , and cheated me out of some ” crankyness” . She was polite , so I had to be polite in declining her offer of a credit on a future order. So I redirected my crankiness to EAT24. Checking my e-mail , not finding a response, HA! I knew it ! WHAT 24 hours service ? ( probably wont hear from them for days , if at all ) and this just at the point where I had started to enjoy the convenience of their service.
    So… I write a second message in the spirit of ” WHAT 24 hour Service ??? ” and this time I added , I did not get credit for my coupon…. and then I pushed SEND with one hand and picked up the ringing phone with the other .
    And there was Jesse O. Yes from EAT24 and he sounded so nice, I immediately wanted to unsent my last message. He knew all about my problems already and had just about taken care of everything already and expressed that he felt bad about my unfortunate experience. He even explained how the coupon is accounted for, and I did not have to pay for the fish I could not eat or the coke I did not get. And the crankyness? he took care of that also.
    Soooooo……. lesson learned , don’t jump the gun right away , give nice people like Jesse O. a chance to make it right and I have to admit , EAT24 mean what they say, of which I am glad , since I no longer like to cook every day, senior Senior, and EAT24 makes it easy to still get me fed ….most of the time , and if not , I KNOW they will make it RIGHT.
    Thank you JESSE O.

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