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August 03, 2012

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There’s Something Different About You.

Is that a new sweater? Did you get taller? Are you even more devastatingly beautiful than before? Now, at this point, (because you are brilliant,) you’re probably wondering, “Why are they blowing all this smoke up my (totally hot) butt?” To which we say, “Smoke? Butt? Whatever might you be speaking of?” But you see right through us, because, as we mentioned before, you are brilliant.

You have your choice of internet-make-food-happen services, but you choose us. Which means you get mad love up in this club. So. Take $2 off your next order. Wait. Did we say $2? Pish-posh. We meant $5. Whaaaat? Yep. Five bucks off. Because we want you to be happy. As if being brilliant and gorgeous weren’t enough.

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* Yes, even beautiful people like you have to read fine print, but we can make this fun and sexy. Let’s turn on a little Marvin Gaye and get down together. You have to be an Eat24 member to use the $5 CashCoupon. But take a chill pill; it takes two seconds to sign up. All right more rules: You can only use codes at… wait for it… wait for it… restaurants that accept Coupon Codes. (There are about 20,000 of them. But you knew this because you’re a genius) and pay with a Credit card or PayPal. Also you need to order at least $10 worth of yum for the coupon to work, but c’mon, you spent $10 just on snacks when you had the munchies last night. OK, last rule. You can only use the code once and it expires on the 5th of August at Midnight PST. Rules brah. Just another example of ‘The Man’ trying to keep you down. There. That’s it. You’re done. Probably worked up an appetite reading this, didn’t you? That was our evil genius plan all along. Bwa ha ha! BWA HA HA!


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