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14 Ways to Avoid Awkward Situations This Thanksgiving

November 22, 2016

While Thanksgiving is a wonderful time for side dishes, it’s less wonderful for dinner conversations. Every year there’s someone (usually an Uncle) who says something that makes you wish you were anywhere else. Next time a family member asks about work, who you voted for, or why you haven’t given them a grandchild, just ask Gooble, a wise, advice giving turkey.

Eat24 Goobles Thanksgiving

You’re probably asking, “wait, what’s going on here Eat24? Are you drunk?”

The answer is yes, and also: It all started when we ordered a seasonal top hat and it came with this turkey inside. All we knew about him was that he answers to “Gooble” (Goobz for short) and he’s escaped at least four Thanksgivings. This is probably why he’s wiser than our entire office put together.

So we made Goobz our official Thanksgiving Promoter and Turkey Sage (not the herb). He’s here to not only look amazing in a stylish hat, but we gave him the keys to our Twitter account  to answer all your burning questions. Seriously, ask him anything.


Sure, they’ve got turkey hotlines for dinner ideas and recipe troubleshooting, but no one else can help you navigate the real stress of Thanksgiving: awkward bonding. So Goobz is here to offer advice and soothing clucks. Just please don’t mention the word “broil.” He shuts down.

Goobles Thanksgiving Eat24 Awkward


To get things rolling, he shared some conversation starters, savers, and enders to use during those moments you’re left speechless at the dinner table. Happy Thanksgiving, and good luck.

When you want to quickly change the conversation:

Awkward Thanksgiving 1 Eat24

When you want to quickly end a conversation:

Awkward Thanksgiving 2 Eat24

When Cousin Bob dislikes the sweet potatoes:

Awkward Thanksgiving 3 Eat24

When Dad brings up your last relationship:

Awkward Thanksgiving 4 Eat24

When Granny asks when you’re gonna have kids in between bites of stuffing:

Awkward Thanksgiving 4 Eat24

When your sister mentions how ‘so-and-so’ you dated in high school is a big shot over at Google:

Awkward Thanksgiving 6 Eat24

When you have to convince people that knitting is a “real job”:

Awkward Thanksgiving 7 Eat24

When your neighbor asks why he didn’t see you in church last Sunday:

Awkward Thanksgiving 8 Eat24

When someone inevitability brings up politics while casually passing the dinner rolls:

Awkward Thanksgiving 9 Eat24

When Cousin Jimmy says global warming is a myth:

Awkward Thanksgiving 9 Eat24

When your brother-in-law starts complaining about  the economy as he reaches for the largest slice of pumpkin pie:

Awkward Thanksgiving 10 Eat24

When Great Aunt Barbara tells the table what she learned on Facebook:

Awkward Thanksgiving 11 Eat24

When Uncle Rob finishes all the eggnog and wants to line dance:

Awkward Thanksgiving 12 Eat24

When Mom asks “Where did you get that dress?” in a way that kinda sounds like a compliment, but you know isn’t really a compliment:

Awkward Thanksgiving 13 Eat24

Need more advice? Goobz is on Twitter all weekend to help answer the tough questions that Abby can’t. Get yours in before he flies away to Turkivania, or wherever he came from.


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