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Give Typos the Finger with PayPal Mobile Payments

August 13, 2012

Good news for PayPal lovers. Now you can pay for your food with PayPal when ordering from the Eat24 app. You may be asking yourself, “So what?” Oh. We’ll tell you what.

Let’s say one night, you go out and you have one of those monumental great nights. We’re talking VIP bottle service, velvet rope, disco ball, dub-step dance party, feather boa, millionaire playboy, skinny-dipping in the Grotto kind of night.

 Yeah that kinda night.

Suddenly you and your newfound lady friends get a rumbling in your bellies, a deep 2AM rumbling that only nachos and onion rings can satisfy. You excuse yourself from the hot tub, pull out your smartphone, and launch Eat24. The girls are impressed. But hold up. It’s time to pay. You fumble with your wallet, mashing numbers into your phone like a monkey with a mobile contract. Billing zip code? CVV code?  What does it all mean?



That’s either a 3 or an emoticon for sad.


The girls are getting cranky. They want their nachos, and your pathetic attempt to type in all your credit card information is slowing down the party. But wait, there’s a savior on the horizon.


The hero your food deserves.

Like a kick-ass knight with flowing locks of golden hair, riding a majestic unicorn down a perfectly formed rainbow, PayPal comes to your rescue. In one click your bill is paid, food is on its way and you’re back to the hot tub with the mer-bunnies.

No more fidgeting with your wallet. No more typing lengthy credit card numbers on a tiny smartphone screen with your large (but still incredibly sexy) fingers. So typos and payment screw-ups can officially suck it.

Just point your phone to, and we’ll handle the rest – with all the joys of PayPal.

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