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Some Special Gifs To Make Monday Less Sucky

August 29, 2016

Hello Everybody! Thanks for coming back to this week’s installment of the Yelp Eat24 super amazing fun-time .gif party (Also apologies that it’s Monday).

A party is still no good without some tunes. So hit play, scroll nice and slow and enjoy!


“Oh yeah, right there, that’s the spot.” – Dog (Probably)


The best way to put out any ground fire.


Bring it Arouuuuuund town, bring it allllll the way arouuuuund town.

Panda Optimized

Now shake it, shake it. Drop it to the floor! Now stop!!

Pong Optimized

Wait for it.

Yawning Optimized

Yawns are contagious.

Bye Socks Optimized

See you later socks.

Doodle Doodle

The humanity!




Have a great Monday everyone!

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