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Gif Party Like It’s 2017

January 09, 2017

Hello and welcome to this year’s first gif party. You know what they say, out with the old, in with the new gifs, slightly used pizza, future burritos, unlimited tacos, and one crazy dance off. So take a five (or 10 or 20) minute break to enjoy this post  (you have our permission to tell your boss it’s for “research”).

Burrito Hand off Resize2017: Year of the Burrito

5873e985d66fd704867947This is gonna be our lucky year. We can feel it!

5873e94b32289972987898The next dance craze that will take the nation by storm. (Sorry Chris)

5873e90b684a8247627939This year’s sport of choice is brick breaking.

OWLHere’s this owl because…

1 - TXXfMxICat.exe has stopped responding.

Hammer Fail ResizeWinning in its purest form.

Pinata Fail ResizeThis snowman made it through, and now has another chance.

BIRD TOOTHBRUSHWe want to be as happy as this bird.

Dog Ducks PondAlways pay attention to where you are running.


deal with it 3We’re gonna do big things this year!

Thanks for tuning in! Now back to trying to not write 2016 on everything.

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