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Get Ye Pieces Of Eight By Talkin’ Pirate

September 19, 2012


Avast ye Food-lubbers,

To celebrate International Talk Like A Pirate Day, Wednesday Septembaaargh 19th me mates at Eat24 are opening our port to any recruits lookin’ fer life on the high seas.

All ye have ta do is go to Eat24’s Facebook and Twitter page and talk pirate to us. If ye pirate speak be deemed fair and worthy, we’’ll throw a few pieces of eight yer way to save on yar next arrrrder.


And now, a word from the Captain…

We Shanghaied this page to send ye fair warning. This here be treacherous waters ye be sailin’ into. Yer making ye way inta pirate territory. N’ less you ferget, we pirates only care about arrrgh crew, me mateys, and none other. So best you be moving along te avoid a long walk off a short plank.

Me First Mate takes his duties very seriously.

Ye want a piece of our booty now do ya?

Our hard earned doubloons? That be mutiny ye talking about ye scurvy bilge rat! We’ve hung better men fer less. But I suppose ye might have what it takes to join this here group of scallywags? Ye think you have the gal n’ guts to set sail under a Jolly Rodger flag? Hmmm, I suppose we do need a few more hands on the poop deck.

This be the life ye be in fer.

Tell ya what; you want to join our merry crew, ya gotta prove yer commitment to piracy. You might have the looks, but do ya got the talk?

A pirate be nothin’ without their code.


All ye have ta do is go to Eat24’s Facebook or Twitter Page and talk pirate to us. If ye speak be deemed worthy, we’ll shoot you a coupon code as fast as a cannonball and blast yer hunger to smitherines.


Enjoy. You Mutinous Pirates

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