Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries

Free unicorn. Because every day is your birthday at Eat24.

August 10, 2012

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Congratulations on being born.

We got you a little something.

Happy Birthday! Wait, what? It’s not your birthday? That’s OK, just pretend like it is. We won’t tell. You’re an Eat24 VIP, which means you get the royal treatment every day. As we mentioned before – you’re beautiful, brilliant, and popular – so what do we get for the person who has everything? The answer is obvious: A unicorn. That’s right, a shimmering white horse with a magical horn and a saddle made of cupcakes.

Enter this Coupon Code in the “Coupon Code” box when you check out and surprise your adorable inner-child with a free unicorn* from Eat24 this weekend.

Coupon code:


Coupon codes can’t last forever, but our love for you knows no bounds.

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Want another coupon? We need your expert opinion. Watch our new video and tweet your thoughts. Spoiler alert: puppies.

You’re the wind beneath our horse wings.

Bon Appetit,

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*Before we get to the Fine Print (which is not quite as fine as you are), a word of advice. We want you to really milk this fake birthday thing. Tell as many people as you can, let the celebration stretch on for weeks, and roll around in a mountain made of presents. The best gift-giver gets a ride around the block on your new unicorn. OK now here’s the deal: You have to be an Eat24 member to use the $3 Coupon Code (Don’t worry, signing up is faster than the time it takes a heart-shaped rainbow to magically form around your face (which is approximately 3.7 seconds)). OK, more rules: You can only use Coupon codes at…wait for it….wait for it…restaurants that accept Coupon codes. Now apparently there is some sort of problem with people ordering less than $10 worth of food. What do they order? Half a churro? Why would they even do that? Just get a whole churro and split it with a loved one. We respect your love of cinnamon and sugar-coated baked goods, but we have to tell you that you must complete an order of $10 or more to use the Coupon Code and pay with Credit card or PayPal. OK, last rule: You can only use the code once, and it expires on the 12th of August at midnight PST. Alright, we’re done here. You can go ahead and walk away from your inbox now. We hate to see you go, but we love to watch you leave. Have you been working out? We’re gonna stop referring to you as “Your Royal Highness” and start calling you “Your Sexy Royal Behind-ness”


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