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Eat24Hours ~ Your Portal to Ordering Online Restaurant Food Delivered

April 23, 2010

Every once in a while I like to remind or let new readers know exactly what Eat24Hours is all about. Eat24Hours is not a restaurant. Eat24Hours is not a delivery service. What Eat24Hours is though is your online portal to an extensive network of restaurants that that you can quickly and efficiently order online from for delivery.

Eat24Hours has collected hundreds upon hundreds of restaurants (and are adding more daily) that offer delivery and gave them a portal to offer their customers the ease of ordering their restaurant food for delivery online. This opened a larger customer base for the restaurants, and a whole lot of convenience for the customer.

What makes Eat24Hours the future of online ordering for restaurant food delivery?

For the customer it provides convenience, efficiency in ordering, selection, and fun. You, the customer clicks on over to the Eat24Hours website to where you enter your address you want your food delivered to.. From there the world of restaurants opens up to you. You can select your favorite cuisine – French, Italian – German – Chinese – Japanese – Thai – Greek – Mediterranean – Indian – etc… they are endless.

Choose your favorite cuisine or view all the restaurants in your delivery area that offer online ordering through Eat24Hours. Select your restaurant and simply order your food and pay right there. Eat24Hours will take it from there.

Once Eat24Hours receives your order it is immediately sent to the restaurant. Your order is confirmed with the restaurant, the restaurant gives and estimated time of delivery, and Eat24Hours reports to the customer with delivery time. 99% of the time the estimated time of delivery is between 30 to 45 minutes.

The restaurant takes it from there. They prepare your food and deliver it to your door. Ordering online is EASY, FUN, addictive, easy re-order, mistake free, never have to be put on hold again, no miscommunication due to language barriers, and customer user account where you can store your favorite and even foods! This is the FUTURE of food delivery!

  • Linda Sue

    What Eat24Hours is to me is a part time cook that I can count on when I’m not able to pull together a meal on time, no matter what the reason. Actually, I think my family would like for me to use it more often because everyone can order exactly what they want. When I cook they have 2 choices; Take it or leave it!

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