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Introducing Eat24Face: A Social Way To Order Food

October 19, 2016


SAN FRANCISCO, October 20, 2016—Eat24 announces plans to launch new social features with Eat24Face. Soon, you’ll be able to post hangry rants, play Candy Jewel Blast with friends, share photos of the sushi you enjoyed in high school, and buy a houseboat, all with the new version of the Eat24 app.

The inspiration? “Honestly, it was just a shower thought that my boss ended up loving,” says Peter Cho, Eat24 Social Manager of New Social Things. “I was thinking about what the  Eat24 user experience is lacking, and it hit me–being able to poke fellow diners and their food.”

The launch couldn’t have come at a better time for customers who are hungry for new ways to socialize and track their meal experience. “I always thought spaghetti could be improved by a ‘Like’ button,” says Stephanie Grossman, Director of Meatballs and part-time Cat Wrangler. “Now I can brag about my pasta at the exact same moment I’m twirling it.”

Eat24 is also experimenting with a new webcam enabled live-eating feature. “I can’t wait to stream myself on the couch while my friends give me feedback on which sauce I should dunk next,” says Chicken Finger Enthusiast Nathan Griswold.

Even the faceless are excited about Eat24Face. “I like leftovers,” says an office ghost caught roaming the halls.

Eat24Face is set to launch nationwide before the year’s end.

Editor’s Note: None of the statements in this article are true. Except the ghost’s.

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