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Customers Actually Buy Wedding Gifts for EAT24

March 02, 2015


Who got the best wedding presents? —> THIS APP!

hugNow that we’ve officially tied the knot with Yelp, there’s only one thing left to do. Go on our honeymoon! And yes, duh, we’re headed to a remote couch in the Florida Keys. It’s going to be a romantic, pants-free week filled with all-night egg roll eating.

But before we leave, we wanted to send out a quick thank you note to all the awesome people who sent us wedding gifts. Because mama raised us right. And also because we’re super flattered and surprised. We weren’t expecting anything and you guys really hooked it up.  Seriously, check it out.

Nose Shower Gel Dispenser from Sarah in Sacramento:

This is obviously a pretty standard wedding gift, but we were more than happy to get it. Now every time shower gel drips out of the nostril, we’ll think of Sarah!

So Much Cereal from Melanie in LA


Cereal game icy

Sure, man cannot live on cereal alone. But we’re talking about Waffle Crisp, Rice Crispy Treats Cereal, and French Toast Crunch…which is basically a close as you can get.

Sriracha Mug from Hannah in Fremont:



We’ll definitely drink some coffee out of it, but hopefully Hannah doesn’t mind us using the mug as a Sriracha fondue pot. We’re pretty sure that needs to be a thing and we’re all too happy to fill it up and dip, dip, dip.

Knee-High Bacon Socks from Noah in Oakland



When we said we wanted bacon all over our body, Noah took it literally and got us these awesome socks. All we have to say now is thanks for helping us live the dream!


Inflatable Air Dancer from Derrick in Miami

A video posted by Eat24 (@eat24) on


Golden Girls Season 3 from Melanie in LA


His favorite character is Blanche

A bunch of cool old ladies hanging out in the kitchen eating dessert all the time? And when they’re not eating dessert they’re sitting on the couch? Yeah, this is definitely our kinda TV show.

Cat DVD from Matthew in Massachusetts


Not as impressed as we were. But cats never are.

The DVD case says this is meant to entertain your cat. Um, that’s crazy. We’ve watched this three times already and our cat has only watched it once. Are we more cat than the cat? Probably.

Octopus Pillow Cover from Mysterious Person in the Universe


This is how you sleep, right?

We’ve been having nightmares about a horrible world with no sushi. Thankfully, this pillow with a sushi-making octopus on it is making everything better. Now we dream of a world with infinite sushi. Thanks, universe!

Long story short, you guys really know how to make an app feel special. Like, special sauce battered and deep fried in more special sauce. So thanks for the gifts, your sweet words, and all your support. We <3 you and are so excited to be the lucky app that gets to feed you.

  • laurenb2010

    When I get married, will you write my wedding announcement? Please and thank you.
    Love, Lauren

  • eat24

    Anything for you, lovely 🙂

  • Sassy

    You make such a beautiful couple! Tossing the rose petals instead of my steamed rice really brought a tear to my eye… *sniffles* There you were, enjoying your day that had finally come and there you were making sure I got to eat while laying on the couch in my Princess Leah Underroos. My life has been coming up daisies and my pants haven’t come out of the closet in weeks! Congratulations Eat24 and Yelp, may you have many productive years together. Just look forward to your golden years, sitting on the porch in matching rocking chairs coming up with new coupon codes. Bless you, another adoring Eat24 happy consumer! *Please excuse my quick departure but the news I love is coming on and I’ve got to lose these pants!*

  • eat24

    Can’t wait to feed you forever and ever <3 <3 <3 <3

  • David and Sarah (Morag)

    I had a great customer service interaction with Richard on chat. I had
    been trying to resolve an issue I had with an order for over a week and
    Richard handled it in just a few minutes. He turned my bad day to good
    and should get a bonus or some hugs at least. So happy with you guys!
    Stay awesome everyone.

  • That makes our day to hear Richard could save yours! He’s a food pro, and we’ll make sure he knows it. If there’s ever anything you need, don’t hesitate. We’re here for you! <3

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