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1st Comes Love, 2nd Comes Marriage, 3rd Comes Coupons

February 12, 2015

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STOP THE INTERNET: We have an announcement: EAT24 and Yelp got married!

No, we didn’t run away to Vegas or anything. We had a quiet little ceremony here in San Francisco. Charmin was the ring bearer, Skittles gave a really nice toast, and Beyoncé performed at the reception.

And now… our vow to you is that we’ll never change. Everything you know and love about EAT24 will be the same, but BETTER. Better emails, better coupons, better restaurants, better service, better chicken wings… you get the idea. And hey, if you hate weddings, there’s an open bar, so relax!

Now raise a glass (or an egg roll), download the EAT24 app, enjoy this weekend’s coupon*, and let’s toast to love <3

Coupon code:



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By the way, if you don’t have the Yelp app (what?!) you can get it here.

You’re the wedding cake on our face.




*Look, we know you’re going to ask if we’re registered anywhere, and the answer is of course we are. But you shouldn’t get us anything. Nope, as much as we’d love a Wisconsin cheese platter, a super cute sushi pillow, or Golden Girls Season 3, we’d much rather celebrate by reading you our wedding vows in the form of Fine Print. So, deep breath, here we go. Yelp, like a coupon worth $2 off your order of $10 or more when paying with Credit Card, PayPal, or Google Wallet, we’ve always loved you. We’ve always known you were as special as unlimited sushi and sake and loving you is about as easy as signing up for an EAT24 account (which you must have in order to use our code). This coupon code expires Sunday February 15th at 11:59 PST, but our love for you will never die. We love you, Yelp. And we’re so excited to spend our lives together and… sorry… we promised ourselves we weren’t going to cry… we… we know our love will always have 5 stars.


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  • SWE

    I have a question about the “better coupons” promise here. Was this just a joke? Because it seems that the coupons are the same; they are just a lot harder to come by. It used to be that I could always go to twitter and find one that I haven’t used, now you are just repeating the same one over and over and over again for days on end (seriously, there has been exactly one coupon mentioned in the last 3 days)

    Rather than “better coupons”, it seems that it’s “fewer coupons”

  • eat24

    So are you saying you only love us for our coupons? 😉 We have code ‘pastry’ for you, and if you’ve already used it, let us know!

  • SWE

    I love you for lots of reasons! Mostly the convenience. But the coupons are nice.

    I don’t really mind if you’re cutting back on coupons (the gravy train couldn’t last forever) but I don’t really like to see a blog post talking about how the coupons are getting better at exactly the same time that they are getting scarce.

  • eat24

    We love you for every reason! Not sure what you mean about coupons getting scarce… did you already use code ‘pastry’ ? If so, we have code ‘ocat’ ready and waiting to save you some dough 🙂

  • SWE

    So, I’m sitting here, thinking, Thursday night is basically a weekend because I’m just going to slack off at work all day on Friday anyway, so I should really have a weekend coupon. I go check the VIP lounge, and, bam, you read my mind.

    Now I have to put on pants for when the delivery guy gets here. I am totally failing at this nopants thing.

  • eat24

    Nope… you’re winning at just about everything 🙂

  • Kate Nikolina

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