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Eat24 Super Specific Terrific Gift Guide

December 12, 2017

Holiday shopping can be so stressful. There’s the clicking on things part, and then there’s the clicking on other things part, and then sometimes there’s even more clicking. Ugh! Seriously, who has time to get past page 2 of the search results anyway? Not us.

That’s why we’re sharing our Amazon Wish List and calling it The Eat24 Ultimate Gift Guide. Because honestly, if your friends/family/cats are the type that hate pants and love food, they’ll be happy to get anything on our list. And, you know, if you wanna pick up a cardboard cutout of Vin Diesel for us too, that’d be cool. Happy shopping!

1. Now That’s What I Call Music! #24

Arguably the best Now That’s What I Call Music! Ever. Look at that lineup Beyonce, Snoop, J.T. Early Rihanna and Fergie!

2. Harmonica Holder

Why not bundle it up with a harmonica and a book so you become a blues legend or that really, really annoying person on the subway.

3. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker for Sega Genesis

Great game, great music and a whole lot easier than Aladdin.

4. Kit-Cat Clock

Because who doesn’t want to get creeped out 24 hours a day?

5. Drinking Bird

Whether using as a temp for work, or to set off an elaborate trap, everyone could use a drinking bird.

6. Darkman

Speaking of drinking bird made us really miss this classic movie with Liam Neeson.

7. LEGO Simpsons House

You may scoff, but think of all the classic episodes you could recreate brick by brick. Our favorite? Season 4, Episode 12: Marge Vs. The Monorail.

8. Mini Vin Diesel Cardboard Cutout

Easily the #1 item on this list. Anyone who’s anyone needs to have a smallish Vin Diesel strictly for motivational purposes.

9. Avocado Pool Float

There’s a lot of floating pool thingies, but only one is ripe for a mythical 15 hours.

10. Golden Girls Funko Pop Collection

To go with our Complete Third season of Golden Girls that someone actually bought us two years ago.

11. Dog Tuxedo

Honestly the size doesn’t even matter when it’s strictly for comedic purposes.

12. Bedazzler

Until there’s a Bedazzler to go, this will have to do.

13. LayBag Inflatable Air Lounge, Blue

We could bring this to all those music festivals we never go to.

14. Burger Towel

We don’t know why a round towel is better than a rectangle towel, but it just is.

15. Chumbawamba Tee

If you buy this for us, you’ll make one guy at this office really happy (and his wife really upset.)

16. Easy-Bake Ultimate Oven

Be the mom we never had and help us finally learn to bake brownies.

17. 3D Printed Plumbus

We obviously already have a plumbus, but everyone needs a backup.

18. Blueberry Toast Crunch

Fruit-flavored dessert-flavored breakfast cereal is what this country was built on.

19. Mismatched Peg Leg Pirate Socks
Wear one to be a tree, wear the other to be an inmate, or wear both to be a pirate.

20. Loud Kazoo

Because kazoos aren’t annoying enough. Make sure you blow out of the bigger side.

21. Tasty Salmon Pillow

We hope this pillow is actually tasty. Enjoy it on a bed (get it?!?!?) of greens.

22. Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure

How many cats does it take to be a cat lady? Eight seems like a safe bet.

23. Dinosaurs with Jobs

The sequel to Aliens with 401k Portfolios and Nuns with Neuroses.

24. Cats Salt and Pepper Shaker

Because we can’t be a crazy cat lady without the right tableware.

Well, if you’ve made it this far you’re probably all done with your shopping and just scrolling aimlessly on the Internet. In which case, head to our Facebook and check out our sweet baking videos.

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