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Eat24 Shacks Up With Yelp

July 09, 2015


Gossip Alert: We just did the deed with Yelp. Yup, just a few months after getting hitched and we’re finally moving in together.

QUICK ASIDE: We know we have a reputation of getting a little x-rated with our blog posts (and in general), but this one is pretty tame. Sorry about that. If you’re looking for a hot steamy read, you’re in luck. The Yelp Engineers wrote a bunch of sexy words about how Eat24’s sculpted and well-oiled parameters are finally all up in Yelp’s public API. So make a bubble bath, light some candles, pour yourself a nice glass of Rosé and read this Harlequin Romance Novel (Warning: NSFW!) brought to you by the developers at Yelp. END OF QUICK ASIDE.

Anyway…. some might say it’s old-fashioned to wait this long to move in, but there’s really a lot to consider when it comes to sharing a remote (we get Sundays because Game of Thrones, duh).


When we want nachos, we get nachos.

For starters, should we move into their place or should they move into ours? We weren’t sure at first…until we realized that Yelp has a pretty sweet mansion in downtown San Francisco. Seriously, their place is huge. Like, 26 stories high.


Started from the bottom now we’re here.

Imagine our luck right? Get married and find out there’s more than enough room for our extensive collection of pancake-themed outfits? Sweet!


One of many.

But then we started to get worried. Sure, the place was big…but like, what if Yelp already had a color scheme and wall decorations and there wasn’t any room for our sense of style? Turns out that wasn’t a problem either.


Dry erase walls are the best walls.

But not quite as good as inflatable tube dudes.

Of course, not gonna lie – we were a little sad to leave our old abode. It was a great home for many years and we’ll always cherish the memories there. Like the time we caught iJustine ridin’ dirty in the hallway. Or the time someone sent us all our favorite cereals JUST BECAUSE. And the time we ate those burritos…and those meatball subs…and that ice cream. So much ice cream.


Haters gonna hate.

But… on to the next! We’re ready to make new memories and start our new life. We’re excited to unpack our stuff (mostly pillows and blankets), find out if Yelp snores, and see what kind of Brady Bunch shenanigans we can get into. 


Here’s the story of a lovely waffle

So hooray for cohabitation and hooray for all the new restaurants we get to order delivery from!

  • laurenb2010

    Are those Marsha-mellow waffles up there? 🙂

  • Why are you anti-Unfortunately?

  • Hmm?

  • Strawberry shortcake waffles 😉

  • laurenb2010

    I guess you guys didn’t get my Brady Bunch joke. 🙂 Fail!

  • (we call ourselves Jan sometimes)

  • Kwei Quartey

    You guys are certifiable

  • Alongside the awesome whiteboard logo art…

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    I see what you did there Lol

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