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Eat24: Free Taco Every Time Trump Says ‘Mexico’

August 04, 2015


The first Republican presidential debate is taking place this Thursday, August 6th…which can only mean one thing: Time to sit back and watch the best entertainment on TV this summer, Donald Trump.

Wondering what kind of words will come out of his mouth? Us too! We’re not very political, but after reading a few articles on TMZ, we learned that Donald Trump (#HolaDonald) really likes to talk about Mexico. That’s why Eat24 is giving away one free taco every time Trump says the word “Mexico” during the debate.

All you need to do is watch the first GOP primary debate (Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on Fox News) and wait for Mr. You’re Fired to say “Mexico.” Yup, every time (every. single. time.) Donald Trump says “Mexico,” Eat24 will post a coupon code on Twitter @Eat24 for $5 off* your order of $10 or more on or the Eat24 app (#HolaDonald).

You're about to be guacamole rich.

You’re about to be guacamole rich.

Once you have a coupon code, feel free to order whatever you want. Fish tacos, cheese enchiladas, pupusas, chicken tamales, carne asada tacos, or maybe go crazy and get carne asada tacos AND a burrito with extra guacamole (or order a pepperoni pizza. Whatever. We believe in freedom of the belly, so it’s totally up to you).

Why are we doing this? Because even though Donald Trump (#HolaDonald) and Eat24 don’t have much in common besides a love of whacky toupees (is it a toupee, right?), we want to fully support your constitutional right to have pulled pork nachos and a Diet Coke delivered to your couch while you watch his face change from one shade of pink to another/contemplate his policy ideas.

Image related/unrelated.

Image related/unrelated.

Oh, and btw, since we know everyone has the same question… Yes, you’re totally allowed to Tweet at @realDonaldTrump (#HolaDonald) and tell him to say “Mexico” a million times so you can order a lifetime supply of tacos.

P.S. The codes will expire Thursday 8/6 at 11:59PM PDT so make sure you use it before it turns into a pumpkin.

*We’d never tell you what to do with a coupon, and we definitely don’t want to ramble on and on about our inner thoughts on coupon reforms, but we do feel the need to let you know that there are a few rules and regulations regarding the coupons we’ll be giving out. First of all, the $5 coupon codes will all expire on Thursday, August 6th at 11:59PM PDT. You must be an Eat24 member to use these codes, and they can only be used once on orders of $10 or more when paying with Credit Card, Google Wallet or PayPal. Also, this might seem obvious, but the codes only works on or the Eat24 app. Ok, you are hereby released from the Fine Print and are free to go back to thinking about tacos.

  • Jerk Store

    not seeing any on twitter, did he never say it?

  • CodeJingle

    So the coupons are only good for 6 hours or less then? Kind of a ripoff.

  • Valerie Bounds

    It’s brilliant

  • OhioNative

    so the only Mexican restaurants are in California – lol …brilliant *from friggn Ohio at debate ground zero, Cleveland!

  • darkstar2380

    Oh yeah, this free taco coupon you’re getting is totally a rip-off. How dare they give you something for free and then tell you that you have a time limit to use it. Good lord.

  • EBizGuru

    Greetings whiners! Ask for a refund!!! Oh, wait …

  • James


    ….Are you daft? I’m not sure if you actually know what “rip-off,” means…

  • James

    What in the world makes you think the only Mexican restaurants are in California? That is absolutely not true. Also, the coupon doesn’t have to be spent on Mexican food… but, uhh…. good thinking there, friend-o

  • OhioNative

    I am happy to be corrected as such and look forward to further discovery of EAT24 – well after using the search tool to look for a ‘Mexican’ restaurant the only 5 places were all in Cali

  • OhioNative
    *note I live in Lakewood 44107 – thinks developer needs to work out bugs

  • HBTonly


  • Patrick French

    Sooo…. multiple coupon codes per order, or nah? Cause I might hold out for a steak.

  • Wow, these coupons are useless for East Coasters–who’s going to order dinner at like 10-11pm?!

  • Gestrid

    So, is #HolaDonald like a knock-on-wood thing?

  • Chris P

    Way to use The Donalds name and fame to get a bunch of downloads for your App. Although it is a free gift it’s not a very good one considering like others say it’s hardly any good for the East Coast. Good luck on the campaign and Vote for Trump so he can make America Great Again. It’s about time we had someone with a real heart for our country and it’s prosperity. Go Trump!

  • Broadbandito

    Free for a limited time only sounds free to me.

  • Go Trump!

  • NA1110

    I’m sure he’ll say it early enough for you to order at 9:05

  • rasputintx

    By “heart” you mean “hair”, right? And sure, go Trump! Keep going, Trump… Just a little farther… Yeah, no, just keep going and we’ll tell you when to stop, I promise. As soon as I finish eating this delicious free taco.

  • Draqonelle Liz


  • Franks N Beans

    I agree it isn’t really free either. It really is 50% off a 10 dollar order. Last I heard that is 50% off not fucking FREE.

  • Franks N Beans

    They didn’t say. But you bet your sweet ass they aren’t going to take 20 codes on a single order for RED LOBSTER.

  • Jim

    wait but……you can use the coupon to get other things instead of taco? So essentially, it’s not a free taco! Much Advertising false, Such off-rip!

  • Jovan King


  • Franks N Beans

    Nobody is answering the question if you can use multiple codes per order. I seriously doubt you can. Hence it really isn’t free it is 50% off

  • Scott Nyzio

    last paragraph says “You must be an Eat24 member to use these codes, and they can only be used once on orders of $10 or more when paying with Credit Card, Google Wallet or PayPal.” can only be used once.

  • Yes! Love you @eat24! #HolaDonald #FreeTacos #PleaseSayMexico!

  • David Troup

    Too bad the debates themselves are completely unavailable to those of us who are not pay TV subscribers. What a travesty of democracy.

  • Gamer First

    Where is the free part? It reads as $5 off a $10 order.

  • Hopefully my lifetime will be longer than 6 hours…

    still, fun promotion!

  • frank_c

    Where can you redeem them

  • Robert Eule

    bwahahahaha. you can redeem them at #suckerbornnow. They are waiting.

  • CptSmashy

    Suck it pleb…

    We don’t want “your kind” participating anyway…

  • Tendernob

    Headline is misleading. These aren’t “free tacos.”

  • CptSmashy

    Jesus christ….

    Some of you schlubs take life and the internet waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to seriously.



    “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (insert self entitled whiny bitch remark here)!”

  • Ern

    So for what restaurant is this good for?

  • Bizket Ramone

    It’s ok. This one isn’t even endorsed by the RNC, not that that really means anything.

  • Bizket Ramone

    That’s a really ambiguous statement though. “They can only be used once” doesn’t really say you can’t use more than one code, but seems more to imply that each code can only be used once. So, if there are 5 different codes (and they state that each time he says it a new code is provided) theoretically that could be $25 off your order. I would love some clarification on that. I assume it’s one code per order though. I’ve asked on twitter, but they have yet to respond.

  • Elizabeth Black

    These coupons are to make fun of Donald Trump. They’re not meant to be very useful. It’s a marketing ploy. If you can’t understand that, you’re probably here to defend Trump

  • OlietheGoalie

    It’s a free $5.

  • OlietheGoalie

    …eat24,com. The site that made this deal.

  • Depends. We think free tacos are very useful.

  • Take your time. Quality time with tacos is important 🙂

  • Type in your address at Any restaurant that appears is valid so long as you pay with Credit Card or PayPal.

  • You’re brilliant. Tacos are brilliant. Guacamole is a genius.

  • A refund on free tacos?

  • 6 glorious hours. We wanted to make them last longer but our Accountant told us we’d go bankrupt.

  • You sir get extra guacamole.

  • Well if we gave everything away we’d all be fired so…

  • The only thing we rip-off are pieces of cheesy bread. Mmmm cheesy bread.

  • We understand. When it comes to free tacos, people get crazy passionate.

  • Only one code can be used per order…but ordering from multiple restaurants is totally allowed #TacoParty #SteakParty #InYourMouth

  • Tacos also make an excellent snack!

  • We wanted to give everything away but then we realized we’d be completely broke.

  • You can use our coupon at any restaurant. Because this is America.

  • You can only use one code per order, but ordering from multiple restaurants will make the party even more taco-y. Or pizza-y.

  • If you have any restaurants you’d like to have added, email us at and we’ll hook you up.

  • Cassandra Atticum

    $5 worth are free.

  • We only allow one code per order, but if you have a taco party with your friends, everyone can order and make the yums last longer. Tacos for breakfast tomorrow? Yes, please!

  • Do you have a coupon code we could borrow?

  •, or If you need any help hop on and we’ll help you out.

  • Marie Lopez-Harris

    This is taco brilliant! To bad I planned to make enchiladas already!

  • Just think of it as the 6 best hours of your life so far.

  • Only one code per order is allowed, but multiple orders means more tacos for your future self. Tacos for breakfast? Tacos for lunch? Yes and yes!

  • You could still follow us on twitter to get the codes and use them for free tacos.

  • All we know is that tacos are a mouth-on-delicious thing.

  • Free and tasty!

  • You know we love you even more.

  • j bear

    Tacos gives me the runs,,,, have you seen whats in that junk

  • But free fries or free eggrolls are just as good right?

  • Ramos Essai

    Plot twist: Trump doesn’t say Mexico at all.

  • Are you lactose intolerant?

  • Plot twist. We’d probably still give out free tacos.

  • minigreek

    Technically they are. Do you complain about the free item you get in a buy 1 get one free promotion? They didn’t say they’d give you ALL the free tacos, they just said free tacos….

  • Ramos Essai

    Plot twist: you guys DONT go bankrupt

  • Awww 🙁 There’s no restaurants in my area, delicious Mexican or otherwise :/, given that Im here in Bay Area I think it only fair you send some Taco’s round by Uber please! 🙂

  • Steffy93

    Tacos and Guacamole are brilliant (not sure about Val!).
    Never heard of EAT24. Looks like you don’t deliver tacos to my area 🙁

  • SoCalMatt

    good lord some of you people like to split hairs. $5 off of a $10 order is “something” for free….or NO CHARGE. Whatever floats your boat. I am going to go “mas gigante” and probably order $20 worth of eats for the wife and I. Guac and all.

  • J E S S I C A

    Does this only work for delivery? Can we pick up the tacos as long as it’s done before the deal ends?

  • Laura Brown

    Can they be stacked? Can you use more then one code on an order of $10 or more?

  • CptSmashy

    Would you be available for an interview?

    My psychology group has been looking for a Trump supporter that is willing to submit to examination.

  • Linnae Dosumu-Johnson

    I didn’t know it was possible to love you more. I’m finding out each and every day just how wonderful you truly are.


  • Jessica Burr

    If a restaurant has, say, a $15 minimum for delivery, would the $5 code count toward that minimum?

  • Kristen Nicole Potter

    Guac IS genius!!

  • Bix

    don’t say “cali’

  • Kristen Nicole Potter

    I’ve never heard of Eat24 but I’ll be googling it!

  • cg_mun

    Mmmmmm… Mexico.

  • Jenni Davila

    How many coupons can we use on one order? 1 for every $10?

  • Ceasefire

    Sadly I can only order bad Chinese food in my local area.
    I’ll dream of tacos.

  • B. Winslow

    its awesome to see a company take advantage of MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, its good to see that TRUMP can help a struggling company like EAT24 take advantage of his good fortune ,, i am sure Trump will help feed many people so long as they buy at least $10 of other food ,,, cause hey nothing is quite free huh EAT24???

  • Rachel A Christopher Wimberley

    I’m devastated Eat24 finds nothing in my small town 🙁

  • Is it just me, or is the background chorus in Sophie B Hawkins song “As I Lay Me Down” saying “I LIKE TACOS”?

  • blonxsees

    Same 🙁 now I’m sad

  • Jesse Soto

    I wish Eat24 would answer this question, not work around them.

  • Fat people love coupons!

  • Kev Kruz

    wait, can we combine codes?

  • Codes can only be used once per order, but you could always order more than once and have a taco party.

  • Everyone loves tacos. Everyone.

  • Keith Gable

    Richmond, tons of choices here. WTF?

  • We hear tacos in literally every song. Our favorite is “I like it when you call me big taco”.

  • Oh noes! Email with some suggestions and we’ll see how we can beef up your hood.

  • All eggrolls taste good when free right? Email with some restaurant suggestions and we’ll see if we can find you some tacos near you.

  • Hey we just met you, and this is crazy, so here’s a taco so order maybe?

  • No. You’ll need to have an order total to reach the $15 minimum. But hey, ordering extra tacos never hurt anyone right?

  • This love is true. So true.

  • ari grand

    You guys are getting so much traffic that the blog keeps crashing. Should consider WP Engine as your host. 😉

  • No. You can only use the codes once per order. But… you can always order multiple times and have an awesome taco party.

  • What can we say, people love tacos.

  • You can use the codes for things besides tacos. Like eggrolls, or french fries. 🙂

  • You could always move :). If you have restaurants you wish were on our site, let us know at

  • Correct. But you can make as many orders as you’d like. TACO PARTY!!!!

  • Mmmmmmm…. free tacos.

  • wonderfulwizardofoz

    Love this!! Can’t stop laughing. 16 Minutes into the debate and 5 coupons ready!

  • wonderfulwizardofoz

    Yes, it says $5 every $10 order and 1 coupon per order.

  • Lana Volsky

    Where do we put in the coupon code? In the special instructions box?

  • At the checkout page. There’s a box (or button if you’re on our app) that says coupon code.

  • wonderfulwizardofoz

    Seriously? You’re covering Twitter and these posts now? Eat24, you’re amazing!!


  • Amazing like guacamole covered nachos.

  • Lana Volsky

    I don’t see it. 🙁

  • Are you paying cash? Coupons only work with credit cards and PayPal.

  • Nathan Galindo

    where do i enter the code on the website? i see no box to input the code

  • MetsFan17315

    Does this code expire tonight?

  • Lana Volsky

    Nope, I put in credit card.

  • It’s on the checkout page underneath payment on our website and on the top right corner on our app so long as you’re paying with credit card or PayPal.

  • Yes. at 11:59PM.

  • Nathan Galindo

    the box that says special instructions or comments?

  • Hmmm. Hit up and we’ll take care of you.

  • No, there should be a box labeled coupon code above the tip section. You’ll only see it if you’re logged in as a client and paying with Credit Card or PayPal.

  • Jonathan Judge

    where would I enter the coupon codes at?

  • Jerk Store

    Three words: Order In Advance.
    That is all.
    So 6 words.

  • Hey there. Someone is super smart.

  • Underneath the tip section on our website and the top right corner on our app. Be sure you’re logged in to your eat24 account and paying with credit card or PayPal. If you’re still having trouble, hit up

  • Junior Garcia

    If your single, get yourself a Mexican boyfriend, then you’ll get all the Mexican food you’ll ever want. ; )

  • Kristen Nicole Potter

    I don’t think I’ll be able to! Nothing near my location 🙁

  • Kristen Nicole Potter

    I do however love Eat24’s sense of humor lol

  • Person Person

    Hmm I want something for $9.50, which is $10.26 after tax. Will it work or do I need $10 before tax and charges.

  • Jerk Store

    in retrospect these 3 Trump-sidized lunches tomorrow may be excessive but #itsfriday

  • joe

    where do you enter the code to get the coupon?

  • #HashTagDeals

    What about the people in Hawaii?

  • #HashTagDeals

    Please add more restaurants in the 95110

  • #HashTagDeals

    Freedom Fries!

  • We do have partner restaurants in Hawaii. Best bet is to do a search by your address on or the Eat24 app.

  • On the checkout page 🙂

  • $10 before tax, etc.

  • Delivery or pickup 🙂

  • Woohoo! Enjoy 🙂

  • Oh no! Drop us a line at with your zip and any restaurant recommendations and we’ll send reps to your area asap!

  • Robert

    So money wise, only the first time he said Mexico saved money, but the other three were for making fun names for coupon codes?

  • How many times did Donald Trump say “Mexico”?

  • Jim


  • Mario Cornejo

    Amazing Idea, but What will happen every time Trump says “Chapo Guzmán” ??

    at least, you all will give a thousand of free taco coupons… (#HolaDonald)

  • Fuck Eat24

    Wow you’re a real fucking snake. #eat24-4-president. You lie about a free taco, then when we hear another politician bad mouthing, you cash in, tell us we need to spend $10 to get our “free tacos”, try to sweeten it up with “hey extra guacomele”, and give us 6 hours to do so. Fuck you

  • Billy Parks

    The coupons expired at 11:59 pm Thursday. You better make other lunch plans for today, Friday ☺

  • darkstar2380

    Well, how about that? 🙂

  • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

    You’re all going to be running for the border when Republicans take office. No more Dream Act, no more free Obama money.

  • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

    They’re using Obama logic for the word “FREE”. You see, when you get something for ” free” it means someone else had to work for it but did not receive the benefit of their labor. So enjoy your Socialist tacos.

  • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

    Free means totally free, not 50% off, Duh, James doesn’t think before he writes Duh.

  • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

    Free means free not 50% off, Duhhhhh

  • disqus_fikVYdMc0U

    Awesome, couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • Jo Ann

    How many times did he say Mexico? Got any restaurants in RI??

  • JonInCa

    How’s that class action lawsuit going … you know .. where drivers who make deliveries for eat24 never received their tips?? Instead of giving away free tacos — how about just paying the drivers?

  • dibedo

    I’m glad there are so many new food delivery companies that do they same thing as you. I won’t be ordering from Eat24 any longer.

  • JonInCa

    Eat24 isn’t known for “ethical” behavior. Delivery drivers are suing Eat24 over stolen tips:

  • CodeJingle

    Fair enough. A real response instead of douchbaggery is much applauded.

  • CodeJingle

    Yes I agree a dumbass ripoff

  • CodeJingle

    I’m as sane as I am crazy

  • Enchiladas go well with tacos.

  • We understand, and we hope to feed you again some day.

  • He said it 4 times! That promo has expired, but we do have code ‘don24’ to save you some dough this weekend. The best way to see restaurants near you is to do a search by your address on or the Eat24 app 🙂

  • Hey FE, sorry to hear you feel that way. We don’t usually give out such large coupons, and we had to put a time limit on it so people wouldn’t cheat the system and take advantage and ruin it for everybody else. We do have coupon code ‘yay’ which is good until next Thursday, and when that one expires, stay tuned for new ones.

  • Good idea! Maybe next time 🙂

  • 4!

  • Each coupon was good for $5 off an Eat24 order, but we also did have fun coming up with the names 🙂

  • Fuck Eat24

    Why not? You’re making the money off the backs of hard working people who cook the tacos. What does it cost? Server space? Yes you are providing a source of marketing that brings revenue, but please don’t lie and cheat people in doing so. Yay.

  • Shoot us an email to with a few restaurant suggestions near you and we’ll see what we can do for you.

  • Email us some suggestions to media@eat24 and we’ll try to beef (or tofu) up your hood.

  • Picking up tacos works equally well. And in case you missed it and the codes expired, you can use code “don24” for tacos of your choice 😉

  • You’ll need your order total before tax to be $10. In these situations we always think ranch dip is a great way to add a delicious .50 cents.

  • Jerk Store

    see original comment, boss — “Order In Advance” is exactly what it sounds like 🙂

  • Robert

    Ah, so besides the fun names, the benefit is in placing multiple orders, rather than combining the coupons?

  • Chris

    Now you can seriously get a ‘Tacos for Trump’ t shirt! It’s on Teespring

  • just care

    Why don’t you save all those tacos, and give them to the illegals on their way south?
    They may get hungry.

  • wendy vor

    I missed out on this promo?! Lame any other promos ?

  • Well, you could use code ‘flan’ on your next order. Just thinkin’ out loud here. 😉

  • 1Suncatcher

    Very clever. And I would have enjoyed doing biz with you but you don’t like the Donald. Oh well but great idea & congratulations!

  • Hannah Pickle

    Eat24 bby why are they all being so mean? They just don’t understand you. 🙁 You can buy me ten sides of ranch any day. ❤️😍🌹

  • Matthew Brookwood

    Hi there my name is Matt and I’m writing in because I’d like to request that a restaurant be removed from Eat24. This restaurant is called Waffle Brothers Pub and it’s in Denver. This restaurant has some of the worst customer service of any restaurant that I’ve ever experienced in my life. I had a friend who placed an order off of Eat24 for delivery and the owner called and told him that they refuse to give him service just because he didn’t like the fact that Eat24 made the restaurant actually do some work to insure that whatever instructions were on the order, that they would be followed. For example, my friend requested that they didn’t put sauce on his wings or tenders because not only is he alergic to buffalo sauce, but it makes him puke. Basically the owner flat out told my friend these words: “I don’t like the fact that Eat24 is making me follow your special instructions, then they expect me to take a picture of your order and send it to them to be sure that everything is included in your order and nothing is missing? That’s bullshit! If that’s what I have to do to keep you happy and coming back then I don’t want your business anymore. If you want to tell me what to put into your food and what not, come to the restaurant and pick it up personally, or come sit down to eat.” Those were his exact words and I can attest to that because I was there. I made sure that Eat24 knew of the situation and gave him back his money. Then one time I had a similar situation when I ordered off of Grubhub. This owner clearly doesn’t care about anyone. I’d love for you to check out the reviews for Waffle Brothers Pub denver on Yelp, the reviews are not good, and I demand a speedy removal of this restaurant from my area! If a restaurant wants to get butthurt because Eat24 is making a bunch of lazy asses at a mediocre restaurant do their fucking job, that should be grounds for immediate termination. I’d also like to advise you to be a lot more stricter when it comes to who you add to Eat24. As a rep has made me aware, apparently it’s the restaurants that choose to do business with you, not Eat24 chooses to do business with restaurants? That has to change. You have the power to deny service to a restaurant, use it! You’re the boss, and as boss of a company I expect you to take this matter seriously, because if I were in your position and someone made me aware that a restaurant is denying someone service over instructions on how to prepare food that they’re paying for, I would remove that restaurant off my site and end my partnership with them pronto! If I pay for food you’ll give it to me how I want, that means if I don’t want sauce I get no sauce, no ifs ands or buts! And I’ll keep bugging you until something is done about it because this behaviour is unacceptable!

  • Hey Matt,

    We hate hearing that this happened to you, shoot us an email to and we’d love to help you out there.

  • Matthew Brookwood

    Hey I just emailed your media team about the incident I faced, hope I get a response soon

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  • Jessyca Johnson

    guys, if you love tacos like i do,friendly recommend great coupon where you can get 2 free chicken tacos ! Yami Yami !!!!

  • Oh, and btw, since we know everyone has the same question… Yes, you’re totally allowed to Tweet at @realDonaldTrump (#HolaDonald) and tell him to say “Mexico” a million times so you can order a lifetime supply of tacos.

  • Wondering what kind of words will come out of his mouth? Us too! We’re not very political, but after reading a few articles on TMZ, we learned that Donald Trump (#HolaDonald) really likes to talk about Mexico. That’s why Eat24 is giving away one free taco every time Trump says the word “Mexico” during the debate.

  • Time to sit back and watch the best entertainment on TV this summer, Donald Trump.

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