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What’s Deep Inside Eat24? Cool Yelp Data

May 07, 2015

We’re not the type to get married, settle down, and become boring. No way. Marriage needs a bit of spice and excitement to keep things fresh. That’s why we’ve been experimenting and trying new things with Yelp lately. You know, things like integration. Deep integration.

Like, really deep.

Like, really deep.

Long story short, we shrunk all the amazing features that make Yelp the best restaurant discovery app and put them inside the Eat24 App. Yup, that’s right. That means you won’t have to deal with that annoying slide-y thing your phone does when it switches between apps (gives us vertigo).

Yelp Review highlights in Eat24 app

Tots 4eva!

OK but really, Yelp’s Review Highlights, Recommended Reviews, and Business Photos are now built right into the Eat24 app. This is great because, like mama always said: Less reading, more eating! Now you can cut through the BS and get straight to that Warm Chocolate Cake recommendation, or see how “large” a Large Super Nachos really is all without ever leaving EAT24.

Never leave us. Never.

Never leave us. Never.

Not only will the deep integration of Yelp’s data help you be more in the know about what all the foodies are eating (and not eating) near you, it’ll make choosing restaurants a lot quicker and smoother.

It’s the first time either of us have done anything like this and we think it’s pretty special. No, but seriously. Eat24 is the first app (EVER!) to give you direct access to Yelp’s massive database of reviews and photos. Because WE LOVE YOU. And because ain’t nobody got time to switch between apps when you just want the best @#$% burrito right now. So get the new Eat24 app and let’s celebrate synergy and integration…and all the sexy words Yelp uses to describe what happens when two apps love each other.

Yelp Recommended Reveiws in Eat24 app

One Word: Sausages!!!

As we all know: first comes love, second comes marriage, third comes deep integration. Oh, there’s also a fourth thing… we can’t tell you yet, but we promise when you find out what it is, you’ll need to change your pants.

Just kidding about the pants thing.


  • Justin Wilson

    nothing deserves an emoji comment quite like a hot and fresh blog post about integration.

  • Jocelyn Zombie

    I would put a Pusheen eating sushi sticker here, but we’re not on Facebook. O-o

  • Michael Sutter

    Not really feeling eat24 anymore. Tried to order some food on mothers day and the restaurant never received my order. Eat24 didn’t have any problems billing my paypal account thou. Been trying to get eat24 to reverse the changes, but you don’t seem to respond to messages through paypal.

  • Mary

    They’ve always been really good about calling the restaurant for me if I don’t get my order in a timely manner or letting me know the restaurant is running late. Super quick replies to emails and chat messages as well. I would try contacting them not through paypal. They have fantastic customer service and 99% of the time it’s the restaurant’s fault not eat24 but they are happy to work with you.

  • Michael Sutter

    I think it was a problem with eat24’s website. I never received an order confirmation email, and my order history does not show the order, but my paypal account was charged. I contacted the online support and they told me they could not find an order for me in the system. I’ve sent three messages to eat24 through paypal and they have not responded to a single one. Eat24 is convenient to use, I just don’t feel comfortable using them anymore.

  • Hey Michael, just wanted to follow up and see if you were taken care of. If not, please email, and a manager can help.

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  • <3

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