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A dog wrote this coupon

February 05, 2018

Coming up with coupon codes every week is hard. First, we have to know a good word, then we have to add 24 to the end. Sheesh. So this week, we decided to give the job to a highly-qualified dog.

Okay, what really happened was that a dog stepped on our keyboard and it made this cool word. So use it to save a few bucks on whatever food tickles your fancy on the app that goes with the flow.

Coupon code: eehruh24





Know any dogs? Introduce us please. Post their photo on our Facebook @Eat24.

You’re the spaghetti to our meatballs.


*From the offices of Fido McGrufferson: Please alert all interested parties that next week’s Sit & Stay Meeting will be held in Prospect Park next to the taco vendor that smells like chicharrónes. Key steakholders will be required to bring a variety of cuts of meat to share so we don’t end up trying to chase down squirrels like last time. After the usual round of sniffing, we’ll continue last week’s discussion topic, “Who’s a good boy?” and end with a jaunt through the mud since that always seems to make our humans happy. More details: This $2 coupon expires on Wednesday, February 7th 2017 at 11:59PM Pacific Time. You must have an Eat24 account to use our code, which can only be used once on an order with a total over $15 before tax and tip when paying with Credit Card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Pay with Google. The coupon is valid only on or the Eat24 app. Good human.

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