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DiMille’s Italian Restaurant ~ San Diego, CA.

August 19, 2009


DiMille’s Italian Restaurant
Serving San Diego for over 31 Years
Pizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Salads and More
3492 Adams Ave, San Diego CA 92116
Phone: (619) 283-3153

Back in 1978, DiMille’s Italian Restaurant opened its doors and heart to the community in the San Diego region to share with them all Italian food that has been in the DiMille family for many generations. Initially, the restraint was ran by Mamma and Papa DiMille. The old family recipes had the patrons flocking in causing the DeMille’s to undergo two major restorations to accommodate the numbers. That is just how good the food was. In 1981, with the business running smoothly, the DeMille’s did as many Italian families due, they handed down their positions to their two sons who had work by their parents sides from the onset. They learned from the best in how to create delicious Italian food and keep the customers happy and coming back for more.

Besides the family recipes handed down throughout the generations of the DeMille family, the one other thing they credit their success to is you, the patrons, who know great quality Italian food.

Everything served from DiMille’s Italian Restaurant is made from scratch daily using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients available. No matter if you are ordering delivery for a family event or just a single person, you can rest assured that the DeMille’s take pride in everything they send out their door. You can create your own true Italian pizza or order one of their many house specials. At the DeMille’s, you can count on the mozzarella being fresh and delicious. DiMille’s Italian Restaurant also offers for delivery appetizers, salads, and soups – dinners served with your choice of soup, salad, or a pasta along with your choice of dinner roll. The A La Cartes’ are also served with your choice of dinner roll as well as the many pasta dishes you can have delivered to your door. But don’t let that stop you from experiencing one of Mamma DeMille’s Italian Meatball sandwiches and finish it all off with a grand dessert. Hungry for Italian? Simply click on the link and let DiMille’s Italian Restaurant take care of that for you while you sit back and relax. The online ordering form is easy and fast. So go ahead and enjoy some DiMille’s Italian Restaurant at right now.

  • Frank

    DeMilles is where it is at if you want hot, fresh real Italian food delivered to your door! The lasagne is to die for!

  • Erika

    Who in their right mind doesn’t love pasta? Me? I’m definitely in my right mind and the spaghetti with meatballs was divine. Count me in as a regular.

  • Dory

    Pasta is my comfort food and I find I need that comfort at least 4 or 5 times a month. DiMille’s has THE BEST PASTA dishes that I have found.

  • Warren

    I’ve been eating at DiMille’s since high school. It’s where I brought my dates when I wanted to impress them and it’s where my wife and I go as often as we can. The best food, service and prices can be found here.

  • Mary

    A dinner plate without some type of pasta is lacking in my opinion. DiMille’s is the best I’ve ever found. I never get tired of eating their food.

  • Carley

    I never get tired of eating pasta. DiMille’s has such a variety of pasta and sauces that I can order from here 2 or 3 times a week and not get enough of it.

  • Adler

    Meat ball sandwiches are my downfall and DiMille’s does them just right. I swear my mouth is watering just thinking about them and I just finished supper. Guess I should have called DiMille’s instead of cooking. Oh well, there is always tomorrow night, or lunch tomorrow, or maybe a midnight snack yet tonight!

  • Shavon

    I have a weakness for Lasagna and the craving is for DiMille’s. All that meat and cheese layered between those noodles is to die for.

  • Sean

    Everybody loves Italian, including me. I never get enough of the stuff. Lately I’ve been eating some alfredo dishes. They are super. Looking for Italian done right? Look no further than DiMilles.

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