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Cafe Podima ~ Boston

March 02, 2010

Cafe Podima RestaurantCafe Podima

168 Cambridge St. Boston 02114 MA

Delivery Hours:  Monday thru Sunday 11:00 AM to 10:45 PM


Café Podima, known for its frozen yogurt is also known for its strong menu of sandwiches, wraps, pizza, calzones, and salads.  Gourmet ingredients are combined with old stand-bys, portions are generous, and the prices reasonable making Café Podima a great spot to order online from for a great lunch or dinner delivered. A mesclun-mix salad is big enough to share as a side, and was fresh from the greens to the sliced beefsteak tomatoes. Sandwiches come on a choice of breads that, in addition to the usual suspects, includes focaccia and French roll.  Fans comment on how a sandwich can make two meals.   


It’s tough to imagine not being able to find something on Café Podima’s extensive online menu; it offers soups, salads, double stuffed sandwiches, reg sandwiches, hot grilled sandwiches, sandwich melts, pita roll ups, special roll ups, kebab plates, pizza, and calzones.  Make sure to order their world renowned frozen yogurts when ordering online from Café Podima’s for delivery.

  • Pauline

    On those days when I just can’t get away from the office for lunch I count on Cafe Podima to deliver my lunch right to my desk. I know it will be prepared fresh as opposed to fixing a sandwich at home and carting it around half the day before I can get to it. Online ordering makes it quick and the prices are down to earth too.

  • Carla

    I’m sure everyone has their favorite restaurants and Cafe Podima is it for me. I know I can count on them to use the very freshest ingredients. Ordering online is a cinch and delivery means I don’t have to rush out to get my meal. The menu is quite large and I need that because I like variety in my meals.

  • George

    Even the restaurants that offer a variety of breads for their sandwiches, don’t generally have focaccia. It’s my very favorite type of bread and Cafe Podima always has it in stock. Great food, good prices and delivery. What a winning combination is that?

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