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Ate Too Many Tacos? Here’s A Taco Coupon.

August 03, 2015


Do you have a taco hangover? We only ask because last night we gave out free tacos every time Donald Trump said “Mexico” at the debate… and we’re pretty sure he said it at least 5 million times.

If you missed out, don’t worry. Just use this coupon when you order with our presidential app to get some extra pico de gallo* on your quesadilla this weekend.

Coupon code: don24

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Want another coupon? No problem. Just tweet this and we’ll hook you up with a bonus code: “Hey @Eat24 Thanks for all the tacos. Cc: @realDonaldTrump #HolaDonald

You’re the chile to our relleno.



*Pro Tip: Skip ahead to the Bold Text if you ain’t got time for this. We’ve been busy studying new food fashion trends and are ready to release three brand new food-dos (hairdos for food, duh). Let’s start with the Cinna-man Bun, which glazes all that extra icing into a faux hippie/surfer/dessert hybrid of weirdly attractive deliciousness. Not quite you? How about DreadLox, which takes shredded pieces of smoked salmon and shags them over the side of your bagel. Far out dude! If that doesn’t wet your whistle there’s always the classic Tater Mop Top, currently driving girls everywhere wild with spuds looking like they just woke up and recorded a Triple Platinum Record. Now before you decide which look is right for you, take a look at our oh so fine print: This $2 coupon expires on Sunday, August 9th at 11:59PM PDT. You must be an Eat24 member to use our code, which can only be used once on orders of $10 or more when paying with Credit Card, Google Wallet or PayPal. Also, this might seem obvious, but the code only works on or the Eat24 app. Remember, no matter what style you choose be sure to always have plenty of pear spray and chocolate mousse.

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