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Ask And You Shall Receive An EAT24 Coupon

April 23, 2015


Hi, it’s EAT24.

We know you aren’t just a mouth and stomach. You have feelings, dreams, desires… just like our emotionally available app. Likewise, we aren’t just an online “make food happen” service. We’re also great listeners.

So if you ever have any burning questions about love, life, or chicken wing etiquette, we’re here for you. Tweet your question to @EAT24 and we’ll love you back with an answer. No Twitter? Reply to this email and ask away!

Seriously, ask us anything. And also use this coupon*.

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You’re the wiggle to our flan.


*You didn’t come here for Lawyer Talk 2015; you came here for professional advice on wings so here we go: The number of people eating wings should be no more than half the number of wet naps. He (/she) who orders the wing flavor gets first (and last) dibs when wings appear (disappear). Also, flats and drums are a choice. Don’t judge, don’t fight, just love that we have a choice. Finally, dry rubbed wings might seem weird, even scary at first, but life is for the living; you should try everything once. For more important thoughts like this, we wrote an advice column to those in need of some help (and buffalo sauce). Now onto important news on coupons: This $2 coupon expires on Sunday, April 26th at 11:59PM PDT. You must be an EAT24 member to use our code, which can only be used once on orders of $10 or more when paying with Credit Card, Google Wallet or PayPal. Finally, shout out to Sam Sullivan, jalapeño cheddar biscuits, and Pluto (you’ll always be a planet to us).


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