Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries

Another Monday, Another Gif Party

February 13, 2017

Want to play two truths and a lie?

  1. One time we ate a 10-egg omelette in bed.

  2. We think a donut would be a fine substitution for a wedding band.

  3. We love Mondays.

*Licks chocolate off ring finger* You get the picture. Here’s a bunch of slightly-curated, unrelated gifs to to distract from that early Monday pain.

Real life footage of Chuck Norris during his regular commute.

Might want to get that looked at.

But not by this guy.

Ah, the innocence of childhood.

Big cats need love too.

Is this why it’s called a Pool Table?

We’ll take one cup-oh-chee-no.

Just swinging in the rain…the not real rain.


Not round at all, tbh.

Always finish strong.

And the “Worst Way to Use the Stairs” Award goes to…

Back in the bag, cat!

Chaaaarge!! Boop.

The Fast and the Purrious.


Jenny never trusted anyone ever again. Especially you, Tom.

To be fair, that balloon had it coming.

A cocktail is born.

Well, looks like we otter get back to work.

See you next week!

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