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Another Manic Monday Gif Party

February 27, 2017

Ooo-eee-ooo, wish it were Sunday…ooo-eee-ooo, cuz that’s my fun day…So, we know that song’s from the 80s, but the sentiment is as fresh as ever today. Let us help take your mania down several notches with these fun-filled, yet strangely relaxing gifs.

Just press play, watch these lifelike motion pictures, and know that everything is going to be okay.

skate birdBird skates. Nothing more to say here.

head banging bird

Rock on rockatoo, rock on.

snow owl

Contemplating life’s deepest mysteries.

58b07571bcf07725172275Friday is already on the mind.
ice cream sandwich machine

So that’s how they do it…


And now for a cheesy interlude.

58b076dc644eb604317041What are you attacking there, little guy?

58b075a9bd590142072029*Plays Mission Impossible theme*

slow tea pourMesmerizing.

Trampoline Fail“Whoops.” – This guy probably

snow bird

sleep mayo slapSometimes no friends are the best friends.

58b0774c26eac509303322Deal with it.

IQ = Age

Ice GolfThat swing needs a little more follow through.

58b0760296a06623491599If parkour was a Monday.

Thanks for tuning in. And as always, get back to work!

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