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Ahoy, Monday Gif Party

April 10, 2017

Monday in a nutshell: Supply and demand, spreadsheets, deadlines, and that coffee stain on your tie that you didn’t notice until before the meeting.

Anti-Monday in a nutshell: Baby pigs in hats, dancing doodles, kittens, all tiny animals.

We’re here to help you ignore that stain, catch up on piglets, and fight that Monday feeling. Just press play and let the cuteness (and Enya) sweep you away.

58e2a1c2e81a0281819863The neverending cuteness.
58ebbcc588ee9357802424Snacks make us happy too.

58ebbd7617bab163993193Down we go!
58ebbe35ec75f730642648Spagoo Break!

58ebc18ca6112574089154Tiny pigs are called piglet-lets.

An adorable baby pig trying to befriend some kitties - ImgurAh, the innocence of youth.
baby pig eating peanut butter

Lunch time is the best time.

Baby snek in a hat

Step right up to see the world’s cutest snake in a hat.
bunny hop failNice try, little guy! You’ll get there one day.

gyro owlAnd now we present the owl, nature’s gyroscope.
how ya doin

“Well how the heck are ya?”

shiba feetWalking the dog.
Here is a baby pig in western attire. - Imgur

And of course, a baby pig in a hat.

Thanks for tuning in and remember, Monday’s only come once a week.

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