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A Very Monday Gif Party – Unnecessary Explosions

November 28, 2016

Welcome to the Monday-est of all Mondays. While other Mondays are hunched over their coffee in the staff lounge, this Monday fell asleep halfway to work. So go easy on it. Don’t expect it to live up to the standards of other Mondays, with their green smoothies and 9am meetings. Let this Monday be itself, in all its belt-less, triple-espresso glory. Just relax, and check out the gifs that the internet has lovingly prepared for you.

Bird Explosion

It was already too late.

Duck Explosion


Armadillo Explosion

That was close! Good job little guy.

Owl Explosion

The rare and majestic Exploding Owl.

Waffle Explosion

When good waffles go bad.

Jumping Into Leaf Pile Explosion

Leaf warfare.

Cat Explosion

Run kitty run!

Dog explosion

Run doggy run!

Bees Explosion

Bee safe!

And now for a soothing interlude…

Soothing Fire

We can almost feel the heat.

Soothing Gif - Imgur

Curl up with a good book and a warm cuppa.

Just a soothing break while you browse usersub. Now move along - Imgur

We hear what this brook is babbling about.

Now back to our napping meeting.

  • Ben Volkmann

    Dear Eat24, the past weekend was a wild one and my ordered dinner was running about 10 minutes beyond expectations. I called the restaurant and was told it was on its way already. 45 minutes later and it was still MIA. I reached out to your staff. Your staff helped keep me calm when tensions were high and just as they were reaching out to the restaurant the food was delivered. I wish this magic would continue more often. Best part, my food was hot still. Thanks for being there and helping to defuse a tense situation. Although maybe make the magic work like it normally does and have the food delivered earlier? I hope Santa doesn’t forget how good your team is. Next time I’ll reach out to them sooner! Keep up the great work!


    PS… Exploding bees was just what I needed on cyber Monday. My day kind of exploded like those bees and it made me smile.

  • Thanks Ben! Sorry we snoozed on your comment here… So happy that our support team was able to help you out, and we’ll work with the restaurant to make sure nobody has to experience something like this ever again. And you’re welcome for exploding bees!

  • Diane Jaeger

    I love exploding things. Just sayin

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