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A Post-Punk Monday Gif Party

January 30, 2017

“Rejoice, it’s Monday!” Said practically no one ever. Other things no one has probably ever said are “This coffee is too strong” and “I’m tired of listening to 80s British bands.” So press play and enjoy our Monday gif party, featuring lots of accidents that make us glad to be at work drinking coffee and listening to 80s music.

Sink FailIf Monday were a sink.

588f964737252231203710Good thing it’s not raining today.

Kid Stairs Fail (1)And up, and down, and stop.

Angry Dump Truck FailAlways make sure to tip your garbage collector….or else.

588f96d34ae4d752234116Not a great place to explore.

588f971f0091d291202012Nice try, kitty!

588f97665a46c067057722Pretty much nailed it.

588f97d4489c8503468307Evolution hard at work.

588f981267485340714910Sweet backflip bro!

Bird Riding a turtleCheck out this bird! He’s riding a turtle!

Fail Rocket ShieldModern day William Tell.

Fail Bush Jump

Do not try this at your home, or anyone’s home.

Bunny Trifecta….

Bunny Fall CuteGot out of bed today like…

Thanks for tuning in, and hope your Monday was better than these gifs.

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