Bacon Sriracha Unicorn Diaries

A Monday (Gif Party) Welcome

August 21, 2017

Hi friends, welcome to another edition of Monday morning, brought to you by the letter ZzzzZzz, the number 83.2. (the most depressing number according to our data) and the word “coffee.” We’ve already used that word five times today.

We’ve gathered some nice, and not so nice gifs to help you start the week off right. So just sit back and press play, coffee is on the way.

Welcome to Monday.

No thank you, science.

Also, no.


Smokey smooth.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…usually.



Majestic sneeze in slow motion.

Best way to cook ravioli in our opinion.

Seriously wtf science?

Non-Newtonian fluids are our new obsession.

Monday, in true form.

Who’s the boss?

Pythagoras would be satisfied, maybe.

Happy Monday.

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